Thursday, January 27, 2011

Recall previous editions Fashion Week New York

calvin klein front row

As our colleague Chloe announced, Jared and Captivating will be attending the fashion week in New York . A privilege that will be happy to share with you all.

Nothing like remembering the past of New York Fashion Week to warm things: the celebrities who have been allowed to see out there, its looks successful, and also non-successful.

Join us and look what happened in previous editions ...

Olivia Palermo

Many celebrities and it-girls do not miss the Fashion Week in New York. Olivia Palermo is one of them, since you started into fashion thanks to The City two years ago, there has never lost gateway. And, make an appearance in this event, comes in handy for those who want to take reign of fashion girl.

Here, with the actress and designer Whitney Port, also starring in The City, in conjunction with the U.S. hit series.

whtiney and olivia

Alexa Chung also made an appearance last year, when trying to make room in girls fashion. So went to the parade with his inseparable Phillip Lim Mulberry bag.

alexa chung

The professional scene does not miss any important gateway. Rachel Zoe saw here last year, before we knew it was expecting a baby.

rachel zoe

The top Agness Deyn has also been allowed to see any of their peculiar looks like this in black as tomboy and punk references.


Although for outfits, which looked at the previous Lady Gaga Fashion Week in New York. What we have prepared for this year?

new york fashion week

Undoubtedly, the time of year when celebrities wear their best clothes and more features.

And you, who do you want to see in this fashion week New York?

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