Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rihanna's new hairstyle, the baby of Miranda Kerr, Rafa Nadal as a model for Armani and more in the week Poprosa

As we begin this week of cold polar with a story that leaves you a hair-raising, but almost as literally porsible, because seeing Rihanna with that new hairstyle in mop plan or style of actor Bob The Simpsons, as it is a very dead. No matter it is for his new video for "S & M" or whatever, dead and remuerta almost as much as knowing that the boy of Justin Bieber is spent precisely also in her hair, $ 750 each time it is cut, thing that is every two weeks.

Of course, if an image is necessary to emphasize this week is that of Miranda Kerr with her baby that you can not miss because it's the most tender I've seen ...

Miranda kerr baby

Beautiful, beautiful. Now you know we will be playing the new daughter of Nicole Kidman surprise of whose existence no one knew ... If these surrogates we go crazy ...

Furthermore, consistent with the good news, we have several matrimonial commitments have been made public these days, like Carl Thomas , the former Sandra Bullock is willing to marry the "jewel in the crown tattooed" or the Spice Girl baby which was announced with fanfare on his twitter.


As far as fashion is concerned, we can not stop talking about the new Armani campaign in which we have seen on the one hand Rafa Nadal showing the best of himself and Megan Fox ... Megan Fox at ... plan for getting around. Even if a story has drawn attention on the issue is to know that the new 'Material Girl' is Kelly Osbourne.

In the professional world of Anne Hathaway can speak to us again feline, feline and singing as well as participate in 'Glee' .

And so far the review to the best of the week Poprosa, on Tuesday more and if possible better. Be good.

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