Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rodarte for "Black Swan." The Swan Lake of the sisters Mulleavy


I love Natalie Portman. And I love Rodarte, which is a pompous. So when it comes to your ears that the two three come together in a movie, clapping with joy it gives. Nobody could better embody the languid, in this case a little dark, a swan.

And who better than the younger queens of the red-carpet gowns, Laura and Kate Mulleavy, to create your ballet dress, her tulle, their bras with feathers.


There is no better omen that these images and his Oscar nomination for understanding that this is a marvel.


No doubt the vision of the ballet world of Darren Aronofsky, director of the film, along with costume designer Amy Westcott, I will run to a movie theater if only for its art direction and costume.


Both sought a contemporary design that would raise the antics of the classic Swan Lake to another height, and the Rodarte sisters were elected.

There are movies in which their clothing no doubt plays a major role and not secondary. I remember at the moment Coppola's Dracula Eiko Ishioka who gave great drama, theatricality and genius.


And it appears that the Rodarte succeed in this, one of his most ambitious projects, if given the Oscar in the exalt definitely Olympian fashion.

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