Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shelter to the 'grandmother's quilt' of Blake Lively


Finally the day has come so longed for all fans (among whom I include myself) of Gossip Girl! Tonight we hook back in the posh thousand adventures throughout the Big Apple thanks to Blair Waldorf and his squad. And between shooting and shooting have caught a least Blake Lively outfit. Or rather, Serena Van Der Woodsen, because the images are of her character. His outfit, personally, I have called attention to the patchwork coat. And Serena is glamorous, chic and classical times, but unlike his partner and best friend, Queen B, has a style that defines the whole.

Do you like the coat? It can be yours for "only" $ 750 ... And best of all it was worth $ 2,000 before, so the rebate is important. Its high price is by its designer, Ralph Lauren, out of the Blue Label collection. Seeing how it looks on the model of on-line page viewing the coat hanger in Blake Lively I prefer the latter. Although not my style and if I had the money to waste ... I would buy it


The blonde most followed of all Upper East Side in combination with a Louis Vuitton bag in maroon and brown leather boots high cane. Below is interviewed about wool socks maroon, and bottle green scarf gives us to understand that his whole look is like a huge patchwork. More than a game seems to look Twist, what color is your dress?


Place your bets!

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