Friday, January 28, 2011

Speed up metabolism

Do you know how to boost your metabolism ? Naturally, there metabolisms need to burn off excess energy just to maintain stable body temperature to digest food or other in contrast, only burns calories to perform the same actions.

As you can imagine, the first are those who possess those fortunate beings who can eat whatever they want and it looks like they will never get fat. But even if you are someone who at least 3 kilos over and up, know that you can help the body burn more energy in their daily functioning.

Want to know how ?

1. Create muscle

The main way to increase metabolism is to increase muscle mass. Even at rest, muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have in our body, the easier it will burn calories.

To increase muscle mass is critical to exercise often, combining aerobic exercise with anaerobic (which are the stress and help us rapidly increase muscle).

2. High Intensity Exercise

After exercising, your metabolism continues to burn, even after your workout is finished. And the more intense the exercise, the longer it continues to this effect.

3. Varied exercises

When your body gets used to a certain exercise, your muscles need to spend less energy to carry out. To keep your metabolism always full, it should change sports and try new exercises, or at least make them more complicated always adding new charges or movements.

4. Move

Not everything is high-intensity exercise, stay active during the day helps to accelerate energy expenditure. What is to be active? Walking, climbing stairs, playing with children or go dancing, anything that is not sitting in front of a television.

5. Do 5 meals a day

Do 5 meals a day serves to reduce your appetite and make it easier to control what you eat throughout the day but also during digestion spent a lot of energy, eating more often (if less amount), you will help your body burn more calories constant.

Skipping breakfast slows down metabolism as the body prepares for the lack of food burning fewer calories and storing fat. Similarly, to accustom the body to extreme diets cause the body to work more slowly.

6. Eat food low in fat

Fatty foods require burn fewer calories during digestion than protein and carbohydrates. Eat a balanced diet, but try not to overdo the fat intake and slightly increase protein consumption, helping to build muscle.

7. Know the foods that trigger your metabolism

There are foods such as dairy, citrus, hot spices or caffeine, which helps increase energy metabolism, but yes, the effect only lasts a certain time after ingesting these foods, and is much less effective than previous proposals, yes, also helps.

Do you do anything to speed up your metabolism?

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