Friday, January 28, 2011

The three essential spring


Asos is an online store more attractive and affordable. If you also add to it that their lookbooks, catalogs and photos are the most beautiful and inspiring, Asos, it becomes a style guide to look at every morning with your cup of coffee.

"The last of these Englishmen? Show the three accessories that are essential for this season. One of them is the spectacle of view, whether it takes graduation or not, glasses of this type are essential for this spring. But there are two accessories that we've loved and I want to teach. Look!

Another proposal from Asos is a bag with a certain vintage. Leather is essential that the plastic can ruin a nice bag if it is a poor quality material. This shows us, we love it and it both day and night.

tie bag

Finally, nothing like welcoming the first rays of sun with a wide-brimmed hat. The more bohemian and striking better. Choose it in colors like gray, to match all or a tangerine or strawberry, black leaves for winter.

asos cap

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