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White Point, Spring-Summer 2011: Trends in underwear

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011

When choosing our style of dress should not neglect any aspect of it, including underwear. More and more brands, proposals (more accessible or more exclusive) and trends to choose ours. The latest White Point are an alternative to consider.

The Spanish brand is back with his Spring-Summer 2011 betting very wearable designs, proposals ranging from the most sporting to the most intimate. Patricia Beck is the model that gives life to these sets.

Punto Blanco Spring-Summer 2011: printed

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 print

The prints are not going to be only the clothes look on the street, but inside there will be more options. The printing of pictures is the one that never disappears. In very soft colors.

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 drawing

There is another romantic alternative to add the finishing of blue and white lace.

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 Camisole

In addition there camisoles lingerie sets for other intimate moments.

Punto Blanco Spring-Summer 2011: intimate lingerie

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 pin-up

The pin-up aesthetic comes to lingerie in sets reminiscent of the early 40's. A trend like this that is covered with a retro look very attractive navy and red with tiny white pinstripes on the other sets.

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 pin-up

Both the straps and the rest of items.

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 gray

The domain of gray in the face of these months we have in the White Point Crystal line with more lace. Besides tulle camisole.

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 transparencies

The slides come in white with tiny loops and minimum volumes. Strapless bras for those strapless dresses.

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 Pink

Even more intimate, in a pink finish where style is more present vintage.

Punto Blanco Spring-Summer 2011: sporty and comfortable underwear

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 sport

If someone looks more sporty and comfortable clothes then the line of Punto Blanco Basix is your choice. In a successful joint turquoise see every day coupled with coulottes with black accents.

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 sport

There is an even sportier option for sports with the usual set of forms that are spread less intimate and more functional. Very striking design with large tires and color scheme.

White Point, Spring-Summer 2011 Home

In addition to sets for home with ankle pants and sweatshirts included.

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