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The model Anja Rubik, star of the March issue of Vogue

The model Anja Rubik Vogue spectacular.

Polish Supermodel Anja Rubik, stars in the cover of the March issue of Vogue magazine, which appears with a stunning turquoise dress by Versace.

In addition, stars in a spectacular fashion production dedicated to the great Halston, where wearing suggestive dazzling, daring and elegant designs of large firms in the next spring / summer 2011, with her three of the most handsome Spanish model and sought the world: Andrés Velencoso, Jon Elcacho Kortajarena and Oriol.

Here is a preview of this fabulous photo essay:

The colorful look at Sara Carbonero Tp Gold Awards 2011


Sara Carbonero impacted tonight at the red carpet Tp Gold Awards (Television Awards are still being held) for which he was nominated for best presenter, and finally not been achieved.

The journalist was gorgeous and very sexy with a total of Gucci look of the Spring-Summer 2011. Carved orange skirt and top, silk satin matte purple low-cut, and with which you can see his recent chest surgery, combined with gold python belt. Black leather sandals with metallic accents also Gucci, the Pre-Fall 2011 collection.

Without doubt, a striking styling, with whom Sarah has not left anyone indifferent. In addition, we recently saw Jennifer Lopez and Camilla Belle at various parties in the Italian firm with similar items and in this same collection (pictures below).

Things get complicated to Galliano. Latest news


And it seems to be too complicated. The Sun newspaper has released a video recorded before the incident a few days ago for which he was arrested and suspended from office in Dior , namely the past 12 December 2010 in the Parisian brasserie "La perle."

In this video you can see John Galliano, Napoleon of the runway, in what appeared intoxicated and making derogatory and racist comments to several guests who sat at his side, curiously, the same cafe where he has been arrested a few days ago. This home video was made by a member of the group that includes people verbally abusive Italian and French.

The events in recent days have led to the operator the front row in which Galliano had never wanted to be, the chronicle of events. At the moment the designer is defended and it has in the police station in Le Marais where he arrived on the 19 hours with his lawyer Stephane Zerbib. It is still impossible to know whether the case will go to court but if so could cost a year in jail according to EFE .

Via | The Sun

The jewels on the red carpet at the Oscars 2011


They shone with light itself, not just for its stunning dresses, but for the most expensive add-night jewelry. We have already discussed those of Penelope Cruz and Natalie Portman , so now I show you some more.

Tiffany & Co captured the magic of Oscar night accompanied with spectacular jewelry to complete the perfect outfits for some of the most glamorous stars of Hollywood, with big dose of beauty and magnetism.

Anne Hathaway wore at night, in the red carpet for the awards, plus several modeitos, jewelry from Tiffany & Co. Upon his arrival he chose one of the jewels most expensive of the night: the collar Lucida Star diamond valued 10 million dollars, as well as ring and diamond earrings.

Fashion for men between the fashion weeks and new collections


In Fashion for men continue to think a bit on the Cibeles Fashion Week, where we said goodbye with a parade of Adolfo Dominguez saw even before David Dolphin and Ana Locking , among others.

We must be closing fashion weeks and start thinking about emerging trends. We detailed that if we lose.

Elton John meets the other celebrities of the moment in its post-Oscar party.


And if we were few, came Elton John. Like every year the genius of the piano and treble organizes "extravaganza" which meets the celebrities of the moment that for some reason or other did not attend the Oscars.

In your party the benefit of his foundation to help AIDS could see Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts, Nicole Richie, Paz Vega pervasive, a spectacular Heidi Klum and husband, Claire Danes or the very "Gossip boy Chace Crawford ... the cream of the stars in the making or younger and around Hollywood.

Long dresses shoes hidden in the famous 2011 Oscar

Anne Hathaway Oscar shoes 2011

A ceremony like the Oscars given very little room for attendees to take risks with their looks. The label instructs, as in all the highlights and almost nobody dares to skip it. This label motivates the choice of the best gowns which hides one of the things that many of us like to see: the famous shoes.

As much as I've been watching videos and images of the Oscar red carpet I was unable to find a small sample of some famous shoes, however, others did not stop teaching them well could have been covered a little to avoid losing face . Who did have option to show off Anne Hathaway was due to your changing looks .

Let's party now! The looks of the stars, made without Oscar, on the feast of Vanity Fair


As in the films of commercial boost in the Oscars there is always a second part but other than the now legendary party that Vanity Fair held every year. In this second Vanity Fair glow stars come but other professions such as music or fashion. And swift repeat and go after the gala, they often do with change of clothes included.

From Cameron Diaz to Jessica Biel, Amanda Seyfried, Tom Ford, Taylor Swift, Liv Tyler, Naomi Watts, and Madonna herself with her daughter Lourdes. Also was seen by the site designer L'Wren Scott, designer of the dress worn by Penelope Cruz, with whose style a little better understand why our Pe dress.

The dress and jewelry from Penelope Cruz in the 2011 Academy Awards Gala

javier bardem penelope cruz oscar 2011

It was one of the most anticipated on the red carpet of the Oscars. A month after giving birth to her son, Penelope Cruz appeared in the hands of Javier Bardem with a L'Wren Scott dress came in tone, with neck straps, lots of jewels and a curve-conscious fit. Alcobendas actress wore Chopard jewelry.

And it seems that Penelope Cruz has disappointed you all. Frontrunner in your votes in the election of the least successful of the 2011 Oscar .

Rumour has made a draconian diet to lose the 14 kilos she took during pregnancy, and probably wear a dress under the belt (I usually do all the actresses). Still, it has regained its usual slim figure. It's okay, we understand that all take some time to recover from pregnancy, but could have chosen another cut dress that better hide new curves.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2011 2012

Dolce & Gabbana otoño invierno 2011 2012

Here are the photos of the parade Dolce & Gabbana collection autumn winter 2011 2012 he presented at the Milan Fashion Week . And as you can see from these pictures the Italian company seamlessly blends the masculine style, dresses, and feminine dresses. I've loved the looks on all men and Bluchers type shoes!

Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2011 2012

Dolce & Gabbana otoño invierno 2011 2012

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We analyze the look of Natalie Portman: Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress


Awesome! so I can define the look chosen by Natalie Portman in his big night, the night he won his deserved Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

It is not easy choosing a flattering dress when one is pregnant, but Natalie was right in full. Opted for a burgundy color model Rodarte, with bare shoulders, you feel great. Combined it with little heel sandals in the same tone of Jimmy Choo.

But the most curious are the jewels, that you the story below:

Different dresses Anne Hathaway at the Oscars


Different costume changes during Anne Hathaway Oscars have attracted much attention at all, and of course, the stress of changing outfits and hairstyles, deserves a post on Jezebel. Up to seven different shades dresses and wore Anne, who showed his comic side during a gala that has gone on a high note, with James Franco.

She came along with Valentino Valentino with a very red and nothing acaertado resources, although the skirt puffed and details of flowers grace gave him some clothing, not the best choice of Hathaway.

The worst dressed of the 2011 Academy Awards Gala


Tonight in Los Angeles have had great successes and great disasters. Women who go wrong, right, and others that are the most boring, with a style too seen on the red carpet. You have to risk a little.

The worst dressed of the Oscars (in my humble opinion) are as follows. See if you agree with me:

Crochet dress Zara

Vestido crochet de Zara

Here's a new newcomer Zara Spring Summer Collection 2011! This is a new dress long, white with a long crochet on top, on sleeves, back and chest.

This dress has a very vintage! And this spring summer 2011 is going to be very fashionable crochet and the vets long and white!

The major snag I see is that it costs almost 90 euros! I think Zara is happening with the price increase, no?

Vestido crochet de Zara

Vestido crochet de Zara

Vestido crochet de Zara

€ 89.95
Ref 7521/042

How about this new dress from Zara?

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Fashionistas times the 2011 Academy Awards Gala

james and anne

My partner Charlie and I have shown their vision from Los Angeles one of the most anticipated moments of the year : the looks of the guests at the Oscar ... but much remains to be scratched. In Jared will show you those were the worst dressed, who will win the Oscar for best dressed as well, fashionistas moments of the night.

One such moment was the starring Anne Hathaway, who changed his dress no more and no less than seven times in the Gala! In the picture above you can see Anne with a men's Lanvin dress and accompanied by the handsome James Franco, who won the Oscar for best actor for 127 hours, but if left for a moment in history when the disguised great Marilyn Monroe.

The best dress of the Oscar Red Carpet: Choose the one you like

Cate Blanchett Oscar 2011

The Oscar red carpet, many looks that leave us comments, praise and criticize. All of you will have your favorite betting, many of them will agree they are induscutiblemente nice dresses, but others we liked a lot and horrify others.

I discuss all this because my candidate for best dressed at the Oscars may not coincide with yours. Let's see what you think and what they indicate your vote.

Oscars 2011 red carpet

Alfombra roja Los Oscar 2011

Here are the photos from the red carpet at The Oscars 2011, one of the best red carpet the planet and all a great fashion event, where the nominees and guests look prom dresses couture. And in the Oscar red carpet is a struggle to be among the best dressed!

Here are the photos from the red carpet at the Oscars 2011 with Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Swank, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, etc. Who do you think deserve to be in the best-dressed list?

Oscars 2011 red carpet

Alfombra roja Los Oscar 2011

Gucci Hilary Swank

Alfombra roja Los Oscar 2011

Natalie Portman at the Oscars in a dress of Rodat

Alfombra roja Los Oscar 2011

Penelope Cruz Javier Bardem accompanying a L'Wren Scott dress, Jimmy Choo sandals and Chopard jewels.

Alfombra roja Los Oscar 2011

Nicole Kidman in Dior

Alfombra roja Los Oscar 2011

Anne Hathaway on the red carpet of the 2011 Oscar Valentino

Alfombra roja Los Oscar 2011

Halle Berry Marchesa

Alfombra roja Los Oscar 2011

Steinfeld Haille Marchesa

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, accused of indecent exposure.

The model Irina Shayk accused of exhibitionism.

The career of Irina Shayk going well and heading to stardom, a journey that began some time ago when she started dating the Portuguese footballer. More recently, the launch of the cover of Sports Illustrated has given a big boost.

And now again be important, but for something completely different. The neighbors of the bride impressive player of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, they have gone mad. None of them are willing to put up with the girl next door opposite, a stunning Russian model with exotic beauty and dizzying curves, their daily lives without putting curtains on the windows.

Apparently, the neighbors have made a formal request to the president of the community to the Russian model put curtains in your home. In fact, it was she herself who has publicly confessed that the same people you live next door have accused of indecent exposure and I could not believe when the doorman of his building in Los Angeles stood at her door and blurted out that his neighbors were complaining they had no curtains at home, the model has not sat well on the 'bunt' neighborhood, although it has agreed to the unusual request without asking for explanations.

But then, who would bother to see a stunning model 25?

Red Carpet Oscars 2011

oscar11_01 And finally came the moment everyone was waiting for: the 2011 Academy Awards Gala was held this morning and walked the red carpet have hundreds of familiar faces from film and entertainment. The Kodak Theatre in Hollywood has been buzzing with beautiful people and arranged that she did not miss the year's biggest awards. From Jared looks we bring you all to observe, know and opines on all the outfits worn by them: the celebrities. We started with an actress like that every day more at women (and men obviously) for his style.

We talk about Mila Kunis, who walked with a beautiful mauve dress and draping. The garment combined with silk lace, and a clutch chose a cream color. The dress is signed by Elie Saab. What do you think? But it is not the only one who chose the purple to this day, you want to know who dressed in this key? Adelante!

Pre-Oscar Party Chanel & Charles Finch: Camilla Belle, Naomi Watts and many more


Are only a few hours for the big night of the Oscars, and images keep coming to us last night, with the various plans of the celebrities. One of the most requested party, and one of the usual routine was offered Chanel & Charles Finch. And of course, invited all their outfits luciron Chanel.

Camilla Belle was at dinner and of course, true to the signature, the actress opted for a cute French house dress in navy and black accents with printed mini-tables, combined with wedge shoes navy . And most surprising of all are the Belle wore jewels by Cartier, valued at more than $ 85,000

"Savage Beauty." The Metropolitan Museum tribute to Alexander McQueen


Each year the fashionistas look forward to one of the biggest events on the calendar, the show organized by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Again this year be held in May and after their homage to Poiret, superheroes or the American woman's turn to Alexander McQueen. After the gala, to be held on May 2, will open the exhibition "savage beauty", an overview of the most iconic models of the British genius of the seam.

Roberto Cavalli Fall-Winter 2011/2012 at Fashion Week in Milan


Gipsy + rock star trend = Parade Roberto Cavalli Fall Winter 2011/2012. After his last triumphal parade that celebrated the 40 anniversary of the signing, the fashion professionals were anticipating what they might bring the new collection at Fashion Week Milan "a radical, perhaps? Money yes, but radical at all.

And that is their Autumn-Invienro 2011 / 2012 oozes fabrics, colors and blends iconic house and a woman without knowing it, we could identify perfectly with your designer.

Diane Kruger's look at the Cesar Film Awards 2011

paris.jpg One of the most stylish actresses we'll see tonight on the red carpet will be Diane Kruger. Its elegance, sophistication and good choice of designs is continuous in each of his appearances, and major alfombrarojas like the Oscars, always surprising . The most likely go with a Chanel dress, her signature fetish.

The last appearance of Diane Kruger has been in Paris at the Cesar Film Awards 2011. chose for the occasion a gauzy black model with gold details of the Autumn-Winter 2011 Couture Chanel.

As supplements chose sandals Gucci gold bracelet, which combined perfectly with their style, and black clutch. The wave hairstyle, very flattering.

Here you can see a picture of the design on the catwalk:

Galliano designed the wedding dress of Kate Moss is your first job post-Dior?


John Galliano, the gateway wrasse now in interim suspension of duties in Dior , will be responsible for designing the wedding dress for Kate Moss, who was apparently home with her partner Jamie Hince on 5 July. Moss herself dropped the bomb at an informal dinner held on the occasion of the Topshop Fashion Week in London.

Rumors of who would be responsible for such custom media dissipate days after the very Vivianne Westwood announced that Moss would be who would design her own dress while commenting:

She knows what she does not need my help

Moss's relationship with Galliano goes back to the early career of the model and it seems that this is one of the reasons why it has taken this decision. Now we can only ask "is Galliano at Dior front then? Wait events.

Via | Independent

And looks of the guests at the Independent Spirit Awards 2011


Tonight is the big night. Just a few hours of the Oscars, parties and more prizes will take place in Hollywood. Recently delivered just before the famous golden statuettes are the independent film awards, best known as the Independent Spirit Awards 2011.

Natalie Portman, now we has taught Paloma looks in the other, was again the winner by impressive role in Black Swan. the actress chosen for the occasion by a very spring Givenchy design. A design in yellow and light brown with lace accents. And combined with yellow clutch and shoes nude Stella McCartney. The Cartier jewelry.

The Spirit invited to the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards

Mia Wasikowska

With an eye on the Oscars, which take place tonight and you can follow here on Jared, has held the ceremony of the Independent Spirit Awards, awards that have received a red carpet full of luxury guests.

Among these, we will see actresses in the Oscar actress Natalie Portman and others as we like Michelle Trachtenberg. In the picture above you can see another of the actresses who were to be seen there, Mia Wasikowska, wearing a dress of Opening Ceremony. Do you like? We show the rest of the looks of the guests!

Moschino Fall-Winter 2011/2012 at Fashion Week in Milan


Male vs. female. With these two simple words can define the collection of Moschino Fall-Winter 2011/2012 at Fashion Week in Milan. And is that the library has given us the perfect balance between femininity, the dandy style, a sailor and Napoleonic air current trends.

Lamé, period, coats and pencil skirts, stilettos and captain hats .... The perfect balance between the two genders in a range of hues in which triumphed basic blue, black and beige dyed in fuchsia and gold touches.

The latter, kimono-inspired jacket

whitney port kimono

We give and give trends for spring-summer dress blocks r powerful colors like orange, green and pink, pastels and colored stains in all types of clothes, flowers liberty which still exist and also mixed with more flowers for a garden walking ... and now we find a wonderful piece that aims to sneak into our wardrobe, kimono jacket.

The kimono for the street version is presented in short and delicate prints in color or black and nude. Ideal to wear with jean shorts and flat sandals during the day, as it does in the picture above our friend Whitney Port, and all look black, heels, bow tie and red lips for the night. Is there anything more appealing than this piece for the new season?

Summary of the week from 21 to 27 February 2011


Like every Sunday from Jared we review what has been most important during the week. And in this we have one thing clear: the parades have been characters total. In one week we have experienced neither more nor less than three! fashion weeks: Cibeles Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week.

In the Cibeles Fashion Week held in Madrid this week presented their Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 designers such as Miguel Palacio, TCN or Sita Mur. In the first we saw first hand full of fringe patterns, volumes and hair coats. The black is still the protagonist, even though more and more clothes that are in brighter colors like green or turquoise.