Monday, February 28, 2011

Things get complicated to Galliano. Latest news


And it seems to be too complicated. The Sun newspaper has released a video recorded before the incident a few days ago for which he was arrested and suspended from office in Dior , namely the past 12 December 2010 in the Parisian brasserie "La perle."

In this video you can see John Galliano, Napoleon of the runway, in what appeared intoxicated and making derogatory and racist comments to several guests who sat at his side, curiously, the same cafe where he has been arrested a few days ago. This home video was made by a member of the group that includes people verbally abusive Italian and French.

The events in recent days have led to the operator the front row in which Galliano had never wanted to be, the chronicle of events. At the moment the designer is defended and it has in the police station in Le Marais where he arrived on the 19 hours with his lawyer Stephane Zerbib. It is still impossible to know whether the case will go to court but if so could cost a year in jail according to EFE .

Via | The Sun

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