Thursday, March 31, 2011

The famous red carpet premiere of 'Sucker Punch'

Sucker Punch

Promoting a film is essential for successful and if the cast has familiar faces. The red carpet premieres let's party looks in many cases seem taken from the most posh events but in the end are just to walk to the photographers, such as the last of Vanessa Hudgens at the premiere of the film ' Sucker Punch '.

The film promises to be a good tostón between pretty girls and special effects to the last, took his players to London where we saw them all together posing for the official photo, including stressed and Emily Browning Carla Gugino.

Trends Spring-Summer 2011: Rain neon

christopher kane

We present one of the most daring trends and grateful for this Spring-Summer 2011: The Reign of acids and neon colors that have agreed to get any look with just a touch. Acid colors ranging from pink to green, but as always, a winner in this game: neon yellow.

Trend we've seen in parades and little by little we are seeing the most risky in the street. To see what your references and a little inspiration ... Read on!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Penelope Cruz in the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean

Penelope Cruz with Johnny Deep, the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The famous actress from Madrid of 36 years just being a mother, appears in the fourth installment of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

Penelope, is the daughter of the evil pirate Blackbeard, who will face Jack Sparrow. Angelica will embarrass most of this unique pirate and is expected to rise some romance between them.

Ian McShane will play Geoffrey Rush Blackbeard and repeat once more, as Captain Barbossa.

The fourth film, which producer has announced that there will be six, is directed by Rob Marshall and filmed in Hawaii, is scheduled to premiere May 20 in 3D, will be called 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At tides mysterious' and focus his story on the search for the fountain of eternal youth.

In anticipation of coming to our cinemas, we leave the trailer.

Stradivarius shoes spring 2011

Zapatos de Stradivarius primavera 2011

The 2011 spring summer collection of Stradivarius has all the shoes are in fashion ! Stradivarius has all the models trend-setting footwear , sandals, clogs, wedges, platforms, dancers, shows, peep toe , etc. And as all the new saturated colors and neon sandals bracelet, high heels , polka dot print, high heels, gingham, sandals crusades, etc.

How about shoes Stradivarius?

Stradivarius shoes spring 2011

Zapatos de Stradivarius primavera 2011

Sandal wood strips
€ 35.95
Ref 1106.041.100

Zapatos de Stradivarius primavera 2011

Strip T platform sandal
€ 35.95
Ref 1269.041.020

Zapatos de Stradivarius primavera 2011

Wedge cords
€ 39.95
Ref 1160.041.111

Zapatos de Stradivarius primavera 2011

Flor Sandal Platform Edition
€ 49.95
Ref 1126.041.105

Zapatos de Stradivarius primavera 2011

Hall split loop
€ 39.95
Ref 1146.041.078

Zapatos de Stradivarius primavera 2011

Dancer paintings
€ 19.95
Ref 1180.041.020

Zapatos de Stradivarius primavera 2011

Cross-Platform Sandal
€ 39.95
Ref 1112.041.022

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God save Kate Moss, McQueen and Harpers Bazaar UK May!


Stunned and upset I am left to wonder after watching the cover of Harpers Bazaar UK May. More British than the queen mother, the more nostalgic fashion 70 and as bright as the parades of McQueen. Kate Moss flies back to the hologram dress and shone at the end of the parade of genius in 2006.

All That deserves the upcoming opening of the exhibition Beauty Savage pays the Metropolitan Museum this month to Alexander McQueen and the longer you talk .

Spring Trends 2011. "Wide ... what? Wide leg pants!


Wider than long we will stay this spring. And that stretch, tube, skinny, tight, is completely outmoded. Fashion has said enough is enough to make waist and buttocks and asked to breathe in their tissues. And this Spring-Summer 2011 makes it past a male garment, the wide leg pants. The 70's the high and the summer of 2011 he has rescued.

Not just talking about the elephant foot, we speak of widths from the waist and a straight cut with pliers, reach our ankles covering even our Jimmy Choos. The high and low chic chic, the famous and the most seasoned streestylers and walk.

Makeup Trends: nude lips

Tendencias maquillaje primavera 2011: Labios desnudos

There are new makeup trends for spring summer 2011 , we have seen several little things like fuchsia lips , the eye shadows in saturated colors, etc.. Now it's fashion review nude lips with a very natural and hydrated. Are usually achieved with lipstick that enhances the natural lip color making them very bright.

Toca recovers nude lipstick is that type are back in fashion colors pale pink and soft pink finish! A simple way is to get nude lips gently outlining lips with a pencil the same shade of your foot, l then applying a little gloss or lipstick in pastel pink color.

How about this trend?

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What is the class low cost? H & M respond with his collection "effortless elegance" ·


Honoré de Balzac said that gross covers adorn the rich, the fool is disguised, elegant dresses. C on a few sentences can not agree more when it comes to fashion. And talk is that of elegance, and elegance is the latest lookbook H & M Spring / Summer 2011. H & M seems to follow the maxim of the poet in a time when street style triumphs in the streets.

Maybe for someone elegance can not be associated with low cost, but the celebrities who wear both chic low in recent times, no doubt contradict it. From a beautiful and pregnant Natalie Portman wearing a dress of gauze from the Swedes, to Palermo whose size varies not carry handle or Revenue.

Gucci 1921 Collection: Celebrating 90 iconic years


Gucci presents a very special collection, collection 1921, proposals very unique clothes and accessories for men and women, especially designed to celebrate the 90 th anniversary of the Italian firm.

The line is characterized by the new section is inscribed: G. Gucci Firenze 1921, a seal captured within the accessories, belt buckles and metal plates travel bags. Accessories suitable to wear next winter, extremely serious and classic.

Among the special features of the 1921 collection are the special editions of the New Bamboo Bags, New Jackie Chain, carved in calf leather and crocodile, and available in a variety of colors: dark brown, pink, persimmon, cherry and green bottle.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2011: now you can enjoy the parade from home


For the second season and from today you can enjoy the parade found
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2011 in The show offers a unique experience of seeing virtual library nearby, appreciating every detail from a vantage point as if it were a front-row.

Professionals like Sarah Cristobal de, Gretchen Fenton Gunlock
Glamour, Noria and Eleanor Morel Lucky Strauss
discuss each providing tips and tricks look.

Blogs and fashion 49, cocktail: in search of inspiration

Cowboy Joint

What blogs help us? Of inspiration many times. We see celebrities with dresses that we all dream, we see streetstylers wear the clothes they wear so that gives us ideas, see the parades, shopping, advertising. Everything inspires us, fills us with eyes of precious things that we like and we flee from our everyday reality.

And we turn for inspiration to many fashion blogs. Like Miss La Boutique Bamboo , which for any one day choose the denim as a base with which to get one looks perfect.

Equally inspiring and above all, tempting, are the clothes that Diane Von Furstenberg launched to fame, the dress wraps to be tied at the waist like a bathrobe. A dedicated designer who is not afraid to color or prints and Diane presented the collection at his shop in Madrid, and thanks to the presence of the rat Presumida in the shop we can see the clothes but the store caught us a bit far.

Full Catalog Spring-Summer 2011 Stradivarius with Leticia Zuloaga


After meeting a preview of the campaign of Stradivarius for Spring-Summer 2011 the firm also has Inditex portfolio, we now see the full catálgoo Leticia Zuloaga Spanish model and brand image.

Inditex line aimed at the young woman continues to care very much the image with a campaign reminiscent of the romantic who have given to other campaigns and catalogs of the group, such as Oysho.

Spring Trends 2011: hairstyles

spring 2011 trends
Thinking about a new look? Read on, secure it with a different proposal and get what you want. And if not, have that new look for spring.

Since the shortest, with volume and bangs, the long hair wild, curly or smooth, collected through the formal and informal ...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Porsche 918 Spyder brings the hybrid

Porsche is selling the 918 Spyder impressive hybrid.

Porsche pulls on sale 918 Spyder superdeportito hybrid brings a new plug-in hybrid propulsion system.

Its design, which is very similar to the one unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 where was well received, is inspired by the Carrera GT, the Porsche 917 sports and the RS Spyder.

Its body is based on a monocoque aramid fiber reinforced plastic and carbon fiber, where its main feature is the convertible top manual based removable panels that can be stored in the trunk.

The hybrid 918 Spyder convertible top features a manual-based removable panels.

This consists of a V8 engine, a cylinder capacity exceeding four liters and an output of more than 500 hp, with two electric engines one in front and one in the rear provide another 218 hp. Reaches 320 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds with minimum approved three liters per hundred, but its maximum speed in electric mode is 150 km / h. And the battery is lithium-ion batteries with liquid cooling, can be charged via a conventional household outlet.

Interior hybrid 918 Spyder supercar.

This two-seater will be produced in a limited edition of no more than 918 units at a price of 767,555 euros. Although concerned and can place orders, production is expected to begin until September 2013 and the first vehicles expected to be completed by November of that year.

Production of the 918 Spyder Hybrid is expected to begin in September 2013.

Are you one of those who can afford this spectacular whim ... and make your order!

Isabel Lucas missing for Dorothy Toto


With this hairstyle find the actress Isabel Lucas yesterday afternoon through the streets of Hollywood. Seeing it the first thing I thought was: Is she or is Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz'? And then I saw that there was no sign of Toto, so I deduced that it was the Australian.

Jokes aside, this girl has always stood out for having a personal style stark. Opted for a boho chic style, and sometimes is criticized by many, because their styles are often very risky. The hairstyle elected yesterday by actress is normal, do not say that everyone is made ​​two braids have to look like the character in the film, but with the sky blue shirt reminds me a lot. Judge yourselves, the similarities are present.

Is Katy Perry? No! It Freida Pinto


If scheduled to actress Freida Pinto of being a simple girl guys were wrong, and that the new cover of Glamour magazine this May 2011 with an outfit appears unconventional. Above the floral print! And also up bra type tops and pants below the navel. The truth is that their look is 100% Californian. I imagine watching skating along the beaches of Santa Monica ...

And the first thing that came to mind when seeing was the cover of Katy Perry where he wears an outfit very similar to it, do not you think? I love this girl change if only to record a cover of a magazine, always the cataloging of sound, pretty but not very funny (no offense to anyone). Beauty has plenty, great guy too and the color honeysuckle is a must for this summer.

Now it give your opinion, what do you think the choice of Glamour?

Official Website | Glamour Magazine

Leighton Meester on the cover, as if a quinceanera is Trara


Long time (though not to few weeks) we had no news of her, but again we see out in the media. And Leighton Meester is starring in a new home for the month of May 2011. The magazine cover is the Aussie version of Girlfriend in a teen magazine for girls at the age of adolescence. And how could it be otherwise, the Gossip Girl actress appears with a teenager outfit as possible.

"The picture does not remind you of the first season of the series? That tape in my hair has been teleported back to the golden age of Blair Waldorf, where the source of their problems revolved around being the queen of the Upper East Side. The dress is indescribable-sleeved printed chiffon in electric blue and combined with a belt at the waist of the same hue. The image in question is of Leighton Meester with a 100% preppy style, something that will fit like a glove.
What do you think this page?
Official Website | Girlfriend

Trends Spring-Summer 2011: male inspired women's clothing

Rachel Bilson

For a while we see how fashion is playing the gender issue layoffs. Women and men differ very little at times. The masculine style came into its day in the female wardrobe and now goes on and still going strong as we see from the spring 2011 trends .

The style called tom boy or boyfriend comes to meet the woman of air between modern men and some rebel pose as what styles, other times it looks that we are comfortable sharing with the male pattern.

Fashion for men between the skin and suck trends


Fashion for men going in thinking about how to renew the closet and one of the items that many are looking to incorporate leather suck for spring 2011 where are all the rage.

The economic ideas we bring them our fellow eBayers with the best bargains in men's jackets . Style to the latest yet affordable to most pockets. But not only think of suck, but also in all the new brands.

Primark swimwear collection, Spring / Summer 2011: the beach is here

Primark bath 2011

Summer arrived, the beach, pool day with nothing to do but rest, a good beer at the beach bar ... Unfortunately this is only a dream as we continue to the end of March and on hot days beach are still far for some cities. Only to see the collection of a Primark bath and there seems to be lying on the sand and that we saw a breakthrough in January .

The latest trends we saw in Primark now move to the swimsuits of the Spring-Summer 2011. Ideas generally opt for more sexy sets possible. Small steps to a summer that aims to be bold.

Chari and Ruben, expelled from 'The Reunion'

Chari and Ruben go to reconcile, to fight violently expelled from 'The Reunion'.

Jealousy Cadiz separated the couple during their time at Big Brother 12 and on this occasion, they have cost the expulsion of 'The Reunion' and what looks like their final separation.

This was the decision of the program after the Friday night at a party, staged a violent fight with insults and they came to blows.

The approach they had featured in the last days, which ended with a 'edredoning' as reconciliation, only to be ruined when Reuben got to mess around with Chiqui Martin, which made ​​Chari give her a jealous rage hitting him with a towel and insulting him and his mother, to which he responded with a slap in the face.

As if this were not enough, Chiqui also finished out of it thinking that all this might cause some sort of problem with your current partner.

The discussion, which had to intervene the other fellow, became an embarrassing episode full of insults and pushing, which ended with the controversial couple outside the house.

On Sunday night in the debate appeared apologizing to the public, their colleagues and the organization of the program for the events, saying that alcohol also influenced, never along their relationship had been involved in a fight of this nature and , despite being very in love with each other, the ratio had exceeded the limit and there was no turning back.

Do you think Chari and Ruben will get back together again?

If you can not see the pictures, here's the video of the fight in full and feedback from them and their families to see them in the debate.

Carolina Herrera Wedding Dresses evening Spring-Summer 2011


Carolina Herrera is one of the biggest names praised by fashion critics and one of the most liked among you, Jezebel readers. Without great decorations, their line of party dresses is caracateriza by simple, clean cut and very sophisticated, as well as extremely feminine. Waists and perfect silhouettes are the dominant note.

In all collections as Venezuelan designer always get moles, black and white combination and the range of fuchsia and lilac. And in these proposals Spring-Summer 2011 long dresses perfect for weddings later, we find these colors and patterns.

Natasha Poly's nude in the magazine Muse


Top model Natasha Poly will be talking about this new month of April for being the cover star of the Muse Magazine. And do not say by how beautiful she comes (who is beautiful as always is), but because in it we see a topless model wearing. In a black and white image, Natasha did not hesitate to show off the body that nature has given him (and I guess that a good diet of ... vegetables?).

With a style reminiscent of a Sophia Loren in her heyday, the Poly is photographed by Luigi Murenu. The ideal choice of hairstyle is very successful, but I can not say the same clothes, as this cover does not. We only see a kind of black dress rolled up to the waist of the model in black, but do not appreciate either the garment. What most caught my attention in this picture is the optical effect occurs not see her arms, he seems to missing or with Photoshop's been eaten. We assume that they are behind the hair but at first glance appears to be fully-armed.

What do you think?

Official Website | Muse Magazine

"Adieu" Vogue Paris, "bonjour" Barneys New York


An unexpected farewell a few months ago we were surprised when Carine Roitfeld, diva voguette, leaving their particular Vogue Paris catwalk to walk with ease by other names unknown. From that moment we all wondered why hide that "I am a freelance soul" who snapped.

He said goodbye without even saying hello to anyone .. and has finally revealed where to direct their paths, those shapely legs of a gazelle uploaded to stilettos. Carine Roitfeld is the guest editor and stylist for the next year catalog and stores, the Mecca of the fashion-addicted bulky card, Barneys New York. But it will not be there.

Male and female, a perfect mix in the style of Emily Browning

emily browning

Lately we do not stop to see his perfect features and her young and fresh style. We speak of Emily Browning, a 22 year old who is still one of the most sought after to star in the movie Sucker Punch.

And saw one of the four covers of Nylon magazine, but we want you to know his style on red carpets and in the street. We anticipate that this girl knows how to look good outfits ... we begin!

Where to buy shoes online and be fashionable? In Shoepping'll miss ...


Do you want to buy shoes online? If you are a very busy woman and do not have time, I am too lazy to queue to pay or can not find your number, I recommend the website Shoepping. 'll find a variety of models, and all the latest .

I recognize I'm not really in favor of shopping online, but I want to share with you all this page of shoes because I was pleasantly surprised not only by the sophisticated designs that we proposed, but by how easy it is to purchase and how fast you send him home (to let you know when you are going to carry), aspects that many of you sure that you comes in handy.

Last winter I bought two pairs and the quality is exceptional and very comfortable shape. Also, make the purchase is very simple: just select the shoe that you like and number, and go. I assure you that your number is always available and not exhausted. This is a great advantage, as there are sizes too complicated to find in stores.

Want to see the new summer collection? Here I show you a selection of designs:

Stradivarius special color spring 2011 catalog

Stradivarius catálogo primavera 2011 especial color

Stradivarius has a growing portfolio of spring summer 2011 with one of the trends this season are being loud or neon colors!

Stradivarius has embraced fashion colors like fuchsia, blue, green or yellow in its stronger version. So there are many pants, skirts, sandals or T-shirts in this trend and also can be combined in different ways.

As you can see these looks of Stradivarius , you can take several pieces in bright colors along the color block , or combine it with similar colors or patterned clothing.

What do you think this trend is so fashionable? Other stores like Bershka will also have dedicated several looks !

Stradivarius spring 2011 catalog: special color

Stradivarius catálogo primavera 2011 especial color
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