Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blogs and fashion 49, cocktail: in search of inspiration

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What blogs help us? Of inspiration many times. We see celebrities with dresses that we all dream, we see streetstylers wear the clothes they wear so that gives us ideas, see the parades, shopping, advertising. Everything inspires us, fills us with eyes of precious things that we like and we flee from our everyday reality.

And we turn for inspiration to many fashion blogs. Like Miss La Boutique Bamboo , which for any one day choose the denim as a base with which to get one looks perfect.

Equally inspiring and above all, tempting, are the clothes that Diane Von Furstenberg launched to fame, the dress wraps to be tied at the waist like a bathrobe. A dedicated designer who is not afraid to color or prints and Diane presented the collection at his shop in Madrid, and thanks to the presence of the rat Presumida in the shop we can see the clothes but the store caught us a bit far.

madrid store dvf

This week has left us one of the last living myths of Hollywood, the beautiful Liz Taylor, a great actress, who drank life long drinks, and believed in love at any age. Without fear of tripping over and over again in the same stone was collected for husbands and diamonds. It also showed a generous heart, always loyal to his friends and for their assistance in charitable causes. At The Apartments of Madame Bovary can enjoy some of the most iconic images with which say bye, bye, Liz.

bye bye liz taylor

Sometimes inspiration is repeated again and again. That happens with some dresses of the spring season that mysterious causes, multiply in the covers of fashion magazines around the world. We are in March and already we began to tire of them. Die so successful. Mr. Cool & Mrs. Calamity review some of the covers of magazines cloned.

prada dress magazines

Photographs are also very inspiring, especially those that usually collect on the Street Style in your blog. Patchwork of images that Mai likes to collect and we like to see and enjoy.

style on the street inspiraicon

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