Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chari and Ruben, expelled from 'The Reunion'

Chari and Ruben go to reconcile, to fight violently expelled from 'The Reunion'.

Jealousy Cadiz separated the couple during their time at Big Brother 12 and on this occasion, they have cost the expulsion of 'The Reunion' and what looks like their final separation.

This was the decision of the program after the Friday night at a party, staged a violent fight with insults and they came to blows.

The approach they had featured in the last days, which ended with a 'edredoning' as reconciliation, only to be ruined when Reuben got to mess around with Chiqui Martin, which made ​​Chari give her a jealous rage hitting him with a towel and insulting him and his mother, to which he responded with a slap in the face.

As if this were not enough, Chiqui also finished out of it thinking that all this might cause some sort of problem with your current partner.

The discussion, which had to intervene the other fellow, became an embarrassing episode full of insults and pushing, which ended with the controversial couple outside the house.

On Sunday night in the debate appeared apologizing to the public, their colleagues and the organization of the program for the events, saying that alcohol also influenced, never along their relationship had been involved in a fight of this nature and , despite being very in love with each other, the ratio had exceeded the limit and there was no turning back.

Do you think Chari and Ruben will get back together again?

If you can not see the pictures, here's the video of the fight in full and feedback from them and their families to see them in the debate.

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