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Full Catalog Spring-Summer 2011 Stradivarius with Leticia Zuloaga


After meeting a preview of the campaign of Stradivarius for Spring-Summer 2011 the firm also has Inditex portfolio, we now see the full catálgoo Leticia Zuloaga Spanish model and brand image.

Inditex line aimed at the young woman continues to care very much the image with a campaign reminiscent of the romantic who have given to other campaigns and catalogs of the group, such as Oysho.

Stradivarius, Spring-Summer 2011: between stripes and

Stradivarius stripes

Striped fashion comes to all brands. The sailor style appears in pencil skirts high waist with a long generous and tight to the female figure with a tiny red belt and a sleeveless blouse very sensual.

Stradivarius tables

Then there are pictures coming in the version Old West with a large red and white forms, but retain their feminine air through a tiny miniskirt with a tie mole ahead. What gives the other a piece removed.

Stradivarius dress pictures

I'm better with pictures version of short dresses with lace sweetheart neckline and built with classic beige trenchs.

Stradivarius total look stripes

I like Stradivarius bet on the total look with stripes in a single garment in the form of short dress that extends form the bottom up.

Stradivarius, Spring-Summer 2011: a floral season

Stradivarius flowers

The floral dresses are indispensable to any Spring-Summer 2011. Floral fashion is strong and as we see some brands choose to play with it in large measures, while others, such as Stradivarius, would rather cut without much color the print.

Stradivarius top hippie

Not only comes to clothing, but also have the hippest tops are combined with Dickies jeans that many remember from our childhood.

Stradivarius moles

As an alternative in terms of printing can opt for the mole in the form of leaflets in a short dress. Yes, the boots better at home if we are not roasting our feet on the grill once you start to get hot.

Stradivarius, Spring-Summer 2011: the romantic trend

Romantic Stradivarius

If we were to stay with us the highlight of Stradivarius idea that would be the romantic trend that comes to clothes in different looks, not forgetting the overall picture of the catalog. Frilly white dresses, one-shoulder.

Stradivarius crochet

Betting from crochet and lace in comfortable garments which become the transparenciascnciao ed.

Stradivarius gown

As in long dresses, where history repeats itself.

Stradivarius lingerie

The inspiration for lingerie fabrics mixed with brown and smooth with a belt to match, of the few to extend fine form in recent months.

Stradivarius, Spring-Summer 2011: Back from the fringe

Stradivarius fringes

Regarding the fringe fashion dresses echo it with little success, really. basic black dresses that by including the fringe lose the grace that could have and designs become overloaded.

Stradivarius jackets

In the jackets themselves are fringes that appeared a few seasons ago and were reassured by which they came, no one to miss. Apparently, the nostalgic will have no choice to revive the feeling of past decades.

Stradivarius Leather

Best eliminate fringes, we opted for a classic leather jacket and if you want something flashier bet on a tribal print leggings.

Stradivarius, Spring-Summer 2011: The point on clothing

Stradivarius point

Fashion item this winter endured hard and stay a little longer has to adapt to the current temperatures, which means reducing the heat that provide this type of clothing and that brings greater care to avoid transparencies. In the case of Leticia Zuloaga not matter because it is a catalog but watch the street.

Red Stradivarius

Best we keep the red version, one of the colors of the moment, as alive and suitable for any garment, from a white pants like the image to jeans.

Photo Gallery

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