Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is Katy Perry? No! It Freida Pinto


If scheduled to actress Freida Pinto of being a simple girl guys were wrong, and that the new cover of Glamour magazine this May 2011 with an outfit appears unconventional. Above the floral print! And also up bra type tops and pants below the navel. The truth is that their look is 100% Californian. I imagine watching skating along the beaches of Santa Monica ...

And the first thing that came to mind when seeing was the cover of Katy Perry where he wears an outfit very similar to it, do not you think? I love this girl change if only to record a cover of a magazine, always the cataloging of sound, pretty but not very funny (no offense to anyone). Beauty has plenty, great guy too and the color honeysuckle is a must for this summer.

Now it give your opinion, what do you think the choice of Glamour?

Official Website | Glamour Magazine

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