Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Primark swimwear collection, Spring / Summer 2011: the beach is here

Primark bath 2011

Summer arrived, the beach, pool day with nothing to do but rest, a good beer at the beach bar ... Unfortunately this is only a dream as we continue to the end of March and on hot days beach are still far for some cities. Only to see the collection of a Primark bath and there seems to be lying on the sand and that we saw a breakthrough in January .

The latest trends we saw in Primark now move to the swimsuits of the Spring-Summer 2011. Ideas generally opt for more sexy sets possible. Small steps to a summer that aims to be bold.

Primark Swimwear 2011: dominates the pattern

Primark bathroom stamped 2011

Primark is moving its beach hippie trend hence the patterns of their long gowns to bathing suits now come in sets of bright colors. Even the bag is covered in this style.

2011 Primark snake bath

Then we see the snake that gets printed to replace the leopard once and for all. In small doses is good but hopefully not expand at all possible items, although there are already indications that it will.

Primark bath flowers 2011

If we look for something that never fails to have the flowers as a wildcard to the public in a beautiful white group to which is added the pink and green as seen in some short dresses this season.

Primark Swimwear 2011: gray, silver or gold?

Primark Grey Bath 2011

Among the colors that look set to swimsuits three stand out: the gray, silver and gold. None of white, pink or black for the moment as basic. And always looking for more attractive side with very limited ways.

Primark bathroom trikini 2011

For the model we trikini gray and a highly successful vintage.

2011 silver bath Primark

The silver comes in a tiny model too as we choose the size, anything that is going embedded fatal. Very thin neck straps.

Primark 2011 gold bathroom

On the other hand, we have the same pattern in gold looks to attract more once we are on the beach. The color of the last holiday season now in the bathroom.

"Feather on swimsuits?

Primark bath fringe 2011

The fashion fringe does not escape the bathroom line brands. Primark joins the trend and moves us to a very sexy Old West but it seems to me a tacky. The fringes of the panties looks remind me to avoid certain blonde famous scurfy that every summer we "delighted" with her sitting on the beach and just so ya better take them off of my mind.

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