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Spring Trends 2011: hairstyles

spring 2011 trends
Thinking about a new look? Read on, secure it with a different proposal and get what you want. And if not, have that new look for spring.

Since the shortest, with volume and bangs, the long hair wild, curly or smooth, collected through the formal and informal ...

Spring 2011 Trends: Short Hair

spring 2011 trends

Whether as the cover look, or the pixie cut we saw at the Oscars, a cut as Emma Watson turned to make you dazzle.

spring 2011 trends

In the garçon, air sensitive for a woman of fashion.

spring 2011 trends

The effect wet hair, fresh out of the pool or beach, very surfer, is also imposed in the city. Easier for women with curly hair, but with a good gel molding and is especially suitable for this trend, the better. Easy, easy, convenient. Tidy as on the cover of Vogue with Maryna Linchuk.

This trend comes a new one. Effect wet but picked up very tight, almost perfect, fully combed. The strongest hair gel will be your best friend.

Spring Trends 2011: collected

spring 2011 trends

The bow low, ballerina-style, we have checked. It seems that we inspired to Natalie Portman for months. Or higher version, it looks like Petra Nemcova.

spring 2011 trends

The top bun is still present, but only for elegant occasions. If you prefer the version all set, of course. If your bid is the natural, almost destroyed, then you're in luck. Effect newly built and ready. Sweeps between streetstylers and celebrities.

spring 2011 trends

Double knot queues are one of the stars more sophisticated. Mixture of styles. If you want to know how to get picked up, here .

Or the new version, which never left the house before and now is a tendency, very low ponytail undone. Here, a video.

How to Do a Low Ponytail: Long Hairstyles-powered by

Spring Trends 2011: manes

spring 2011 trends
Shorter manes bet the maximum. Hair and lacquer work fixing. A band to complement and perfect look.

spring 2011 trends

The long hair cut to boost the volume, movement, rays undefined. Melena capeada and ready to be the protagonist.

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The tilted line is key. Whether with curly hair or straight hair. It's comfortable, and well as allowing us to play with the fall, with one side there is another change of image.

spring 2011 trends

If you are the classic, you like your hair as usual, and you want to give a different touch, retains the style, add fringe, out towards the outside and discharge volume.

In the gallery I leave a lot of looks, and tell me what you choose to change that you round the head.

Photo Gallery

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