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Trends Spring-Summer 2011: male inspired women's clothing

Rachel Bilson

For a while we see how fashion is playing the gender issue layoffs. Women and men differ very little at times. The masculine style came into its day in the female wardrobe and now goes on and still going strong as we see from the spring 2011 trends .

The style called tom boy or boyfriend comes to meet the woman of air between modern men and some rebel pose as what styles, other times it looks that we are comfortable sharing with the male pattern.

The male style on the runway Spring 2011

Balenciaga Spring 2011

On the runway we saw a lot of the masculine style. Designers approach it from different points of view. We are punk rock aesthetic of Balenciaga.

Stella McCartney Spring 2011

Minimalism on the school chooses Stella McCartney Yves Saint Laurent in mind. Looks are a blend of classic ideal of male lines.

Alexander Wang Spring 2011

Between minimalism and the breadth of forms, Alexander Wang makes his new men women well dressed, even with sweaters we've been wearing this winter a few.

Paul Smith Spring 2011

After that we go to a lighter end, such as Paul Smith, who enters his British line and tailoring to women.

Dsquared2 Spring 2011

O Dsquared2 where the leather is as general detail.

The low-cost brands are also inspired by men

Zara Spring 2011

The low-cost brands will not be less than other firms that rise to the big fashion weeks and continued to stand by the masculine style as seen in the latest releases of Zara . Straight lines, wide, between minimalism and comfort.

Mango Spring 2011

Mango chose a woman in the group of three male parts where the air is compounded by the success sensual sheer fabrics on top.


H & M directly opt for something more sporty with straight jeans and a gray blazer right to match the top and black shoes laces.

White Spring 2011

White prefers to leave the Old American West and see between one checked shirts look more feminine without losing a man-style approach.

The famous style known exploit male

Kate Moss Spring 2011

The famous fashion move to their own style and many of them have long been playing with more masculine looks as if Kate Moss who would feel very good these clothes and give the air. Many times even total looks in black.

Jennifer Aniston Spring 2011

lebritie / jennifer-aniston "> Jennifer Aniston has also been added to this idea but with more sophisticated looks for certain events in which black and male lines were present.

Kristen Stewart Spring 2011

The lighter end of this style is that of Kristen Stewart . The actress 'Twilight', however much you want to dress more feminine as possible in the event, the style that he is the male. Just seeing her at every occurrence of street does.

Spring 2011 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba pregnant again and that means a search for the most comfortable clothes, which leads to a more extensive near the male lines in many cases only women with a touch of house brand.

Olivia Palermo Spring 2011

And how a woman could not miss that so tested public appearance of various styles. Olivia Palermo attended the presentation of Ermenegildo Zegna and knew best: wasting class. This remains one of my favorite sets I've seen this year.

The host streetstylers male lines without fear

Fricky Spring 2011

Go from strength to strength in the examples. By some streetstylers the masculine look serves to mix with current trends as the domain of red clothing .

Jade Spring 2011

For other men's style remains synonymous with an air of complete sets and a lot of black executives that add feminine touches.

Chloe Spring 2011

Very broad Aires adding to the oversized clothes without fear in gray, black and white.

Pavlina Spring 2011

Either ways large mixing small denim shorts jackets and blouses romance.

Lina Spring 2011

Without neglecting the essential material in leather vests and jackets, plus boots, as seen in the look of Lina Söderström .

Natalia Spring 2011

This rock attitude is just to try to hide so many crucifixes, please.

Photos | Pavlina J. , Jade E. , Lina E. , Frickys S. , Natalia L. , Chloe S.

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