Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Adieu" Vogue Paris, "bonjour" Barneys New York


An unexpected farewell a few months ago we were surprised when Carine Roitfeld, diva voguette, leaving their particular Vogue Paris catwalk to walk with ease by other names unknown. From that moment we all wondered why hide that "I am a freelance soul" who snapped.

He said goodbye without even saying hello to anyone .. and has finally revealed where to direct their paths, those shapely legs of a gazelle uploaded to stilettos. Carine Roitfeld is the guest editor and stylist for the next year catalog and stores, the Mecca of the fashion-addicted bulky card, Barneys New York. But it will not be there.

To my Barneys has always been the greatest name of the luxury stores, so that participating in this project is my dream come true. For a French girl, is a big, big dream.

It thus seems that Queen khol follows the logical path and advance through it. A road has been fraught with controversy, as he has claimed that his adieu to Paris Vogue was more like a dismissal to her tricks "with a designer

Besides styles, Roitfeld is the muse of the department stores and star of a short film made ​​by the same photographer of the campaign, I admired Mario Sorrenti.

Photo | I think therefore I am

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