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What is Paris that is not New York? Ines de la Fressange responds


Difficult to answer, but no self-respecting fashionista series do not end up parked his scripts and stilettos of the protagonists in the beautiful and romantic Paris. It happened to Carrie Bradshaw, who sought fortune and love under the Eiffel sheathed in the finest and most sophisticated styling of the whole saga. And it has happened again with the Gossip Girls, who during his stay in the capital of the Seine seemed even more beautiful, more sophisticated and more posh.

Ines de la Fressange knows all about and why it has launched its Parisian Chic book summarizing what we do, where to go and what to see and feel in the city of light.

The best look of the week from April 25 to May 1: vote for your favorite

Princess Letizia back

What a short week we had with the English royal wedding. That if rehearsal dinner with the main representatives of European royal houses, if bodorrio in style, if dancing later. In short, a perfect week to sign the best looks and note ahead of the wedding season this spring.

Let's start with the previous day. A cela dress in style in which he emphasized the Princess Letizia with Felipe Varela designs in gray, with sweetheart neckline and skirt of flight. Not favored as much with a muscled back, but the dress was lovely. In my opinion, much better than the day of the wedding.

At dinner also highlighted Maria Chantal with her ​​long dress in shades of nude. Discreet and elegant as it usually is the princess consort of Greece.

Eye shadow colors

eye shadow SARH jessica parker

If you recently maquillábamos our lips with lipstick fashion colors , now offer three different ways to wear eye makeup. eyeshadows and eyeliners allow us to create spectacular effects in our eyes.

There is a golden rule in makeup, choose eye makeup or lip makeup (something like dresses and show legs or cleavage, but the two things at once, not really.) When make-up, we find a dramatic effect on eyes or lips, but not both areas simultaneously. So if you want to follow these eye makeup ideas, better paint your lips with a soft tone nude.

We started with a blue eye shadow, which is fine with summer tanned skin. Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Stroup paint their eyes with turquoise eye shadow and layers of mascara.

Poll: Who was the best dressed in the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Wedding couple

We have already chosen the best dressed of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton now comes your turn. Who was the star for you wedding? Always leaving out the bride .

In the event of the year, in a matter of weddings, the style is key, and get to see who was the best one for you. "We went quickly to keep them different looks freshest when voting?

Leighton Meester has the scent of Vera Wang: Lovestruck


Leighton Meester appears again and again becomes the center of all flashes through the Lovestruck of Vera Wang perfume. A few months ago we told you that the actress more preppy Gossip Girl was going to give the image to it, and today we bring you all the material first image of the campaign and looks in its submission. But it also has other social events. And this girl is most supportive.
The first stop was the Empire State of New York for the 5 th edition of the Gala DKMS to help children with leukemia. She did not hesitate to attend the Gala and support good causes, and to top it slipped a nude color taken from the Autumn-Winter 2011 and a print skirt from the Spring-Summer 2011. Her whole outfit was signed by Vera Wang.

Mothers with Style: Elle MacPherson


We continue with the special mothers in style and now it's up to the unique Elle MacPherson. After leaving the runway was entirely devoted to caring for their children, but later appeared in a series without success alongside Mischa Barton, 'A beautiful life'. Moreover, still appears on the covers of fashion, although their presence is no longer the same as when it was engaged. But as much as you get older, no one takes away their beauty and a body and scandal.

His style is simple at the same time chic and glamorous, the day chosen by boyfriend style jeans and at night dons tight mini-dresses, demonstrating that however much you get older your great guy is still there. But also has left office looks they deserve a 10, do you want them? Adelante!

So dress Pilar Rubio and Xenia Tostado for the premiere of the Pirates series

Pilar Rubio pirates

Pilar Rubio has become an actress for the show which opens in very little time in Telecinco and, together with the rest of the team, like actors or the beautiful Oscar Jaenada Xenia Tostado, attended the premiere with a look very spring.

Both actresses pushed for more summery color on the face of the earth, white. In the picture above you can see the presenter and actress now posing very warm smiling with his series under his arm. Do we see the full styling?

The best-dressed wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton

Pippa Middleton best dressed

After the turmoil of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton get the day off and think about all the details we have not seen the link. Like any big event get to choose the best-dressed guest after seeing the more unfortunate looks .

The best dressed has a name very clear: Kate Middleton , whom I saw with its spectacular Alexander McQueen dress , but if we leave aside the bride eyes are on her sister, Pippa Middleton, also in white and McQueen under Sarah Burton.

Zara Clothing

Vestidos Zara

Here's a look at the best party dresses Zara its spring summer collection 2011 ! Zara has a great variety of models of gowns and cocktail for your special events.

Zara has dresses, dresses with flying navy striped dresses, asymmetrical dresses, dresses in neon colors, minimalist dresses, dresses with floral prints, pleated dresses, strapless dresses, gowns, dresses with low back, etc. .

Zara dresses spring summer 2011

Vestidos de Zara primavera verano 2011

€ 59.95
Ref 2644/714

Vestidos de Zara primavera verano 2011

€ 49.95
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Vestidos de Zara primavera verano 2011

€ 29.95
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Vestidos de Zara primavera verano 2011

Flowers blouse
€ 29.95
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Vestidos de Zara primavera verano 2011

€ 25.95
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Vestidos de Zara primavera verano 2011

€ 29.95
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Vestidos de Zara primavera verano 2011

€ 59.95
Ref 2678/044

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Bambi again in Harper's Bazaar, "a muse for the magazine?


The Northwood-Blyth Bambi model is lucky: her career is booming, companies love it, the magazines are scrambling to show off in front. More specifically, Harper's Bazaar. For if for the month of May 2011 the Spanish version of the magazine so chic and glam put on the cover wearing a fabulous blue floaty dress klein Emilio Pucci, the aussie version release for the cover June / July 2011. And although we have not finished the month of April, we know how it will be this one (directed by photographer Lachlan Bailey).

Sexy and suggestive as we like. Wearing jeans that show their underwear (looks below the gum mythical Calvin Klein), the arm of a man cover her breasts. This picture contrasts with the letters of the runway in shades of red, white and black.

The end of star designers

Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi

Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi have been the last to fall. Gianfranco Ferre has brought them clear out the street. The economic problems of the company, acquired last February for Paris Group , are, according to the company, the reasons for his dismissal.

Defenestrate creative director in fashion. Since the debacle in March, John Galliano , the list has been steadily gaining weight: Christophe Decarnin ( Balmain ), Vanessa Seward ( Azzaro ) Cedric Charlier ( Cacharel ) and now the couple behind the Italian Gianfranco Ferré.

John Galliano

The case showed that the houses Galliano prefer to protect its name to defend their designers. His dismissal was due to anti-Semitic insults (intolerable, of course) he uttered on several occasions ( video included). With him was the extravagance of an era.

Fashion goes for the guillotine. Not even Karl Lagerfeld, the mind behind Chanel, is safe according to some sources . The marks endure every day but the antics of the designers-star. They no longer agree. Now look Burtons Sarah (Alexander McQueen), creative directors employees, effective, low-profile formed within the home. The signing of Olivier Rousteing is an example. "The house Balmain is pleased to announce the appointment of its new designer, Olivier Rousteing. Mr. Rousteing will oversee the creation and development of both the male line and the women's prêt-à-porter ", reported the signing on its website martesla. Little is known about this French trained at the School of Arts and Techniques of Fashion (ESMOD) and Roberto Cavalli (where I work five years) before his appointment.

What's is carnage? While luxury brands that are not pulling their hair out by the crisis (some groups like LVMH are going great ), the situation is not to make experiments ... In other words, it is much harder to defend eccentricity of a kind designer Galliano in lean times.

Olivier Rousteing, new creative director of Balmain.

In the nineties was a logical move. Brands designers, celebrities hired to reinvent (Dior among them). But now there comes to mind. Frédéric Boudelier, Director of Heritage of the Maison Dior, told me a few months ago, "Dior was known to older house once. Talking about your roots have become obsolete. But Galliano has rejuvenated. [...]. In this age of homesickness is normal to recover the figure of Christian Dior and the origins of the firm. "

Following the sinking (economic crisis) the houses are struggling to maintain its identity and essence. Strong personalities can clog.

The era of supermodels ended quite some. Is this the end of the superdiseñadores?

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The second dress of Princess Catalina for the day of your link

Princess Catalina

We thought we had seen everything on the link most anticipated of the year, but it seems that there is still a surprise. Princess Catalina has left us with another wonderful look for the party after their bond.

The design was again by Sarah Barton for Alexander McQueen and, what about the dress and cashmere jacket! Once again, we see an ideal Catalina. The dress, very classic and little adornment, just had a sash with rhinestones and pearls, she sat like a glove to the princess, no doubt, has earned her two wedding dresses and makeup herself.

A lovely and youthful styling for the after party that accompanied the long hair and where Prince William has also changed his uniform for a tuxedo.

What do you think the second look? Do you like it as much as us?

Photos | Fabsugar

Stradivarius crochet clothing

Stradivarius ropa de crochet

The crochet garments are fashionable this spring summer 2011 ! Crochet is one of the tissues and carries trendsetters especially in dresses , jackets and tops. Here's a compilation with crochet garments Stradivarius :

Stradivarius ropa de crochet

Crochet dress
€ 29.95
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Stradivarius ropa de crochet

Short sleeve crochet top
€ 25.95
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Stradivarius ropa de crochet

Top crochet back swimmer
€ 25.95
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Stradivarius ropa de crochet

Top crochet around the neck
€ 25.95
Ref 4916.414.004

Stradivarius ropa de crochet

Fringed vest twats
€ 19.95
Ref 4914.408.004

Stradivarius ropa de crochet

Crochet vest
€ 19.95
Ref 4920.414.442

Stradivarius ropa de crochet

Crochet jacket
€ 29.95
Ref 4912.414.006

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What do the experts McQueen Kate Middleton?


A day of infarction, a dream wedding and a fairytale characters. Gradually I have been revealing the secrets of what happened in London and aroused the most interest was no doubt the dress Kate Middleton. , we have looked at this picture and after the wedding, waiting for the celebration.

Many voices shouting for some time that McQueen was the house chosen for this honor, we would like to have been experienced by Alexander the Great, but life and death would be his successor decide Sarah Burton responsible. From maison, denied, and perjured sworn time and again that they were not elected, but what they could say.

Once revealed the secret, opinions fly, of course. And among them we are interested in the design gurus and experts.

The look of Sophie Rhys-Jones at the royal wedding of the year


More guests and more red carpet looks. We talk about the royal family, particularly Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones, Earl of Wessex.

Champagne color super two-piece set with embroidery and a beautiful headdress, a look that is very fitting that we applaud as did com other choices of queens and princesses .

Kiss of Prince William and Kate Middleton on the balcony, video and photos

Real wedding kiss

After all the ceremony and all images of the actual wedding at the altar , was an event that all cameras were waiting to grasp: the kiss between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The British couple, with Kate Middleton has already become HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn and Baroness of Carrickfergus , and Prince William as Duke of Cambridge was given the kiss on a snapshot that we will see a thousand times. A chaste kiss and bland.

Mindful of the second photo and video of the kiss of the actual wedding !

Did you like the looks of Princess Letizia at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Princess Letizia face

Each appearance of Princess Letizia generates diversity of views. Many of us we tend to agree with the looks of the Spanish, while those who think it could have chosen better always question the style of the wife of Prince Felipe.

From Jared would like to know your opinion about the looks that Princess Letizia chose for last night's gala dinner, which chose a dress of Felipe Varela of flowers, and especially, what you like the look of the Princess Letizia to real wedding with pale pink, also of Spanish fashion designer?

Trio of ladies in the royal wedding of the year. Who wins?


Three were three ladies attending the royal wedding: the bride's father, mother, father and mother's mother. And three were his looks and colors.

The reactions were not long in coming and going from the surprise at the canary yellow color chosen by Queen Elizabeth II to the elegance and poise of a stretcher being carried and praise from critics and aware of elegance and style.

Kate wedding dress Middlenton

Vestido de novia de Kate Middlenton

Finally we have the photo of Kate's wedding dress Middlenton! And in my opinion is a lovely dress! This is a design by Sarah Burton to Alexander McQueen.

Vestido de novia de Kate Middlenton

Vestido de novia de Kate Middlenton

Photo 1 Hello

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Headdresses and hats for the guests at the wedding of the year

letizia ortiz

Very elegant and less daring in Ascot, the link of the year invited to have worn plenty of touches and accessories for the head. One of the pieces that are most like the English and if, you have to wear it in a highly anticipated event like this, not worth anything.

We give an overview of the headgear chosen by some of the guests as is the case with Letizia. Our princess has opted for a hat in the color of her dress, a beautiful pale pink that has accompanied their hair down.

The success of Pippa Middleton at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Pippa Middleton royal wedding

The day of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton : the protagonists are real stars that all want to see every detail and gesture. But among the guests attending the event there is always one person who stands out, getting all the accolades.

This time the person was Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton. In only 27 years old and wearing a dress by the same designer that his sister Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.

The shadows of the royal wedding of Prince William. The most unfortunate looks


The most awaited paseíllo public and guests, the red carpet at the royal wedding of Prince William has already taken place and in it, as usual, there have been stars and starry. We can speak of those not looking so safe and wanted this to happen when half the world is watching and analyzing other means can be a catastrophe catastrophic consequences.

Among those chosen from mother and "real" to wives government. The reasons vary, from having chosen a model, add, color more seasoned that neither our enemy we would have recommended, to be beautiful but not appropriate for the occasion.

All pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton at the altar

Royal Wedding couples

One of the moments that we wanted everyone in the English royal wedding was the arrival of Kate Middleton to the altar, at which time the young British woman would look for the first time her future husband Prince William of England. The moment was very emotional and they were well in place.

A smile from Middleton , a calmer attitude on the part of Prince William and the beginning of the wedding of the year. The images speak for themselves. She gorgeous, thanks to Alexander McQueen and the eldest son of the Prince of Wales in the uniform of the Royal Air Corps.

The Reina Sofia choose purple for the link Kate and Prince William


It has already been present at the wedding our queen is taking up all our attention. Queen Sofia has posed with his son Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia had already seen a few minutes ago.

The Queen has opted for a simple two-piece in an iridescent mauve jewel detailing on the chest. A hit in the head in the same tone and in addition a pastel pink scarf against the cold in London. Silver shoes have been the culmination of the style of our queen.

Do you like the styling?

Photos | gtresonline

In Captivating | The look of Miriam Gonzalez, the wife of Deputy English at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton , the look of Princess Letizia at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton