Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bambi again in Harper's Bazaar, "a muse for the magazine?


The Northwood-Blyth Bambi model is lucky: her career is booming, companies love it, the magazines are scrambling to show off in front. More specifically, Harper's Bazaar. For if for the month of May 2011 the Spanish version of the magazine so chic and glam put on the cover wearing a fabulous blue floaty dress klein Emilio Pucci, the aussie version release for the cover June / July 2011. And although we have not finished the month of April, we know how it will be this one (directed by photographer Lachlan Bailey).

Sexy and suggestive as we like. Wearing jeans that show their underwear (looks below the gum mythical Calvin Klein), the arm of a man cover her breasts. This picture contrasts with the letters of the runway in shades of red, white and black. Bambi is a beautiful model with a very personal identifying that: either really like or not like it. It seems the fashion world loves her, because in addition to these two capitals have been to add a third: Oyster Magazine for their issue # 92. A closeup of her with her eyes closed appears with a bright green letters.


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