Saturday, April 30, 2011

The best look of the week from April 25 to May 1: vote for your favorite

Princess Letizia back

What a short week we had with the English royal wedding. That if rehearsal dinner with the main representatives of European royal houses, if bodorrio in style, if dancing later. In short, a perfect week to sign the best looks and note ahead of the wedding season this spring.

Let's start with the previous day. A cela dress in style in which he emphasized the Princess Letizia with Felipe Varela designs in gray, with sweetheart neckline and skirt of flight. Not favored as much with a muscled back, but the dress was lovely. In my opinion, much better than the day of the wedding.

At dinner also highlighted Maria Chantal with her ​​long dress in shades of nude. Discreet and elegant as it usually is the princess consort of Greece.

Chantel Marie

The great royal wedding, I stay with the bride , of course, my darling, they would say the English. The new princess Catherine of England (Duchess of Cambridge since the wedding), looked simple but gorgeous, in style, with that dress with lace bridal gowns marked trend, for sure.


All in the family, because the main character of the day was her sister Pippa Middleton, also dressed Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen gown with an ivory which caused a sensation.


The rest of inivtadas, said without a doubt Victoria Beckham, six months pregnant, with his design and matching hat . I also loved how her hair was.


At night, the bride (and made ​​a wife) triumphed again with his long dress in silk and angora coat , repeating designer.


But there is life beyond the wedding, Ashley Green dressed in Louis Vuitton shows us how to go to an event very cute skinny wrapped in leather.

ashley greene LV

And what do you think of the Sheikha of Qatar ? That's elegance and the rest is nonsense. Come on, I already commissioning a Turbat of these but I doubt that to me is so divine death.


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