Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eye shadow colors

eye shadow SARH jessica parker

If you recently maquillábamos our lips with lipstick fashion colors , now offer three different ways to wear eye makeup. eyeshadows and eyeliners allow us to create spectacular effects in our eyes.

There is a golden rule in makeup, choose eye makeup or lip makeup (something like dresses and show legs or cleavage, but the two things at once, not really.) When make-up, we find a dramatic effect on eyes or lips, but not both areas simultaneously. So if you want to follow these eye makeup ideas, better paint your lips with a soft tone nude.

We started with a blue eye shadow, which is fine with summer tanned skin. Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Stroup paint their eyes with turquoise eye shadow and layers of mascara.

For evening, take note of the silver eyeshadow chosen by Jennifer Lopez and Emily Blunt . Makeup aside for special occasions that manages to illuminate and bring life to tired eyes.

emily blunt jennifer lopez makeup

We finished with a classic eye makeup: Line eyes outlined with a pencil eyeliner or smoky eyes and shadows to create a feline effect. Nicole Richie and Dianna Agron will point to this infallible makeup for the night. Best with shades of gray and brown with black shadows.

nicole richie makeup eyes

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