Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mothers with Style: Elle MacPherson


We continue with the special mothers in style and now it's up to the unique Elle MacPherson. After leaving the runway was entirely devoted to caring for their children, but later appeared in a series without success alongside Mischa Barton, 'A beautiful life'. Moreover, still appears on the covers of fashion, although their presence is no longer the same as when it was engaged. But as much as you get older, no one takes away their beauty and a body and scandal.

His style is simple at the same time chic and glamorous, the day chosen by boyfriend style jeans and at night dons tight mini-dresses, demonstrating that however much you get older your great guy is still there. But also has left office looks they deserve a 10, do you want them? Adelante!

For day to day

As mentioned previously, Elle opts to go easy during the day, which is why most of her outfits are based on style boyfriend jeans or cigarette. Combines them with heels or flat sandals, but always with his looks are of Distinction.


As a former model who is still fashion inside out and dares to do anything: the tartan is a complex pattern that she looks perfect. The maxi glasses are a must in all styles.


Torn jeans, combined with bolero hair and cotton t-shirt. All of a sudden it seems that both styles do not stick or glue, but she fits in a casual outfit, glam and urban.


In the autumn-winter season, Elle does not get cold, but in turn is loath to lose outerwear style. The fur vest is your best ally and looks with almost anything.


But it also ventures into the sea looks simple, striped sailor shirts combined with jeans and strappy sandals. It seems that this outfit is nothing special, but seeing the result shows us one thing: the rack and how is the most important thing.


Leather Pants

The leather cigarette is a highly fashionable garment but very risky at a time: many of the celebrities they combine they are wrong or not quite right. She shows off her endless legs, wrapped with a cigarette in red version of Isabel Marant, the dancers in black satin and wool jersey the same color give full prominence to his legs. Impeccable!


Although in her closet are also black leather pants, combined with a gray tweed blazer and black stilettos and fabulous Isabel Marant is ideal.


Perfect for going to the office

Gray dress with this fabulous signed by Victoria Beckham, the top is perfect for a day at the office. She combines the elegance of style, and is that even though sometimes I do not think can go together.


Although this black tube dress is also ideal for a daywork chic. Do you dare to imitate?



On the red carpet, events and more Galas, decant the top (most times) for wearing mini dresses legs as tight. for GQ magazine party opted for the blue version klein.


This total is nude look at the best I've seen. It is ideal!


Even if one is to wear long, Elle makes an excellent passing, combined with a c haqueta garment leather for an extra touch to your outfit rock. Is not it ideal?


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