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Party dresses for beach weddings

Wedding playa2

We all eat the coconut wedding dresses, that if the dress, shoes, headgear, ... We want to be perfect and have everything checked to look gorgeous. Especially usually ask many questions of the protocol: when wearing short, when long, if you can go with black, white, if you can remove the headdress or hat at the banquet, in short, a large repertoire of issues to be into account.

The plot thickens if the wedding celebration gets out of the ordinary, for example, if the wedding is held on the beach.

If the couple want a beach wedding is looking for something natural and a little forced. It's time to wear sheer dresses, flowing and lightweight fabrics, cotton, satin and rhinestones forget.

Wedding dresses in white beach

It is very typical in beach wedding invitation request to go white. The photos are great with everyone dressed in white.

amngo white dress

In summer many festivals are usually held Ibiza style. This type of white lace dresses, or crochet, like this Mango dresses are also perfect for these celebrations.

mango long white dress

Short with 60's style, with cuts elusive, or an embroidered folk style, which you can add all kinds of artisan jewelry that look suitable for the beach.

folk white dress

As long we stay with this halter-neck dress with rhinestones built, very 70's.

some howls neck halter dress

Wedding dresses in floral beach

This photo of D & G campaign may well be the picture of a beach wedding. The bright flowers and long dresses seem perfect for a wedding day, happy and bright.

D & G dresses flowers

We chose this dress from Mango to imitate the style.

long flower dress

Or this one, with heart-shaped neckline and patterned sarong style skirt Pasley.

mango dress shorts

Wedding dresses beach color

If you prefer the color for the wedding on the beach, it is best to opt for the sea colors: turquoise, blue, or green. As this Zara dress with strapless neckline.

zara dress turquoise

Or again, nude dancer and style can be chosen. Handle This dress is beautiful, although it seems too expensive (almost 200 euros).

mango dress $ 200

At a beach wedding is joined by the complication of the sand. Not the time to walk climb heels, so forget your Jimmy Choo or Louboutin for the wedding. The best, flat sandals, or if you want to give up a few inches, try wedge espadrilles. You can even go barefoot.

beach wedding

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