Thursday, April 14, 2011

Princess Letizia and Rania of Jordan, two similar styles once again match

leticia and rania

Princess Letizia Imitate Rania? It says a lot about these two important women and yesterday, we enjoyed a shared image Rania of Jordan and Leticia Ortiz Middle East. A real battle of styles between two of the most important females worldwide.

We saw how both opted for the pastel tones: Letizia wore dusty pink dress of Feripe Rania Varela while it would prefer the mint green and pink Prada shoes. Again, a similar style for two women looks very closely. Want to see other similarities between Letizia and Rania?

Here you can see another picture of both in the event that took place yesterday. The two chose to make hair soft and loose, and Leticia decided Rania waves through the hair more smooth.

leticia and rania

But what is there in that their styles are similar? Here's one of the most acclaimed looks Rania of Jordan, who wore a shirt and skirt set. Perfect!


Years later, Letizia opted for a similar look but preferring skirt in black.

leticia long skirt

With a little more casual looks, always within the protocol, we have seen Letizia and Rania: floral dress and jacket, a style very similar.

flower dress

But not only find similarities in the locker room, also in the style that both women often choose! Look at this picture of Leticia with sophisticated collected.

Princess Letizia

And this one led by Rania of Jordan. Similar, right?


Who wins the battle?

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