Saturday, April 30, 2011

The second dress of Princess Catalina for the day of your link

Princess Catalina

We thought we had seen everything on the link most anticipated of the year, but it seems that there is still a surprise. Princess Catalina has left us with another wonderful look for the party after their bond.

The design was again by Sarah Barton for Alexander McQueen and, what about the dress and cashmere jacket! Once again, we see an ideal Catalina. The dress, very classic and little adornment, just had a sash with rhinestones and pearls, she sat like a glove to the princess, no doubt, has earned her two wedding dresses and makeup herself.

A lovely and youthful styling for the after party that accompanied the long hair and where Prince William has also changed his uniform for a tuxedo.

What do you think the second look? Do you like it as much as us?

Photos | Fabsugar

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