Friday, April 29, 2011

The shadows of the royal wedding of Prince William. The most unfortunate looks


The most awaited paseíllo public and guests, the red carpet at the royal wedding of Prince William has already taken place and in it, as usual, there have been stars and starry. We can speak of those not looking so safe and wanted this to happen when half the world is watching and analyzing other means can be a catastrophe catastrophic consequences.

Among those chosen from mother and "real" to wives government. The reasons vary, from having chosen a model, add, color more seasoned that neither our enemy we would have recommended, to be beautiful but not appropriate for the occasion.

We started the princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. His most original headgear can love or horrify, but do not leave anyone indifferent. Nor has left indifferent klein blue look of Princess Eugenie, with a body stamping and skirt evasée not too flattering for curvy figures and young women.


Continue, unfortunately, who is currently winning by a landslide in this particular battle of the "less smart". And unfortunately we as a guest is Spanish, particularly Miriam Gonzalez, wife of Deputy English. Unfortunate dress, cut and additions ...


In this special review of the less fortunate in their choices, a woman whose hair and lack of playing well could shine any day of any month, not a marriage of noble ancestry. We talked about Samantha Cameron, wife of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom whose look but still far exceeds that of Miriam Gonzalez as my companion commented Montag.


A look that certainly involves some controversy . Beautiful as my partner says Montag, with a beautiful mermaid silhouette which appeared Pippa Middleton, sister of the bride. The matter of discussion has nothing to do with the cut and size, spectacular, but its color: Is a pure white-sponsor a wedding guest? Something different is the choice, I applaud like mad again, Sarah Burton and therefore, the great Alexander McQueen.


Too simple, just combed. Dealing with the mother of the bride and her look, which could well be extrapolated to any wedding of any couple anywhere.


Not favor the color, cutting, draping a shame .. the look of Victoria of Sweden, look ahead ...


or behind.

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