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Streetstyle of the week: Carolina Engman style Fashion Squad

Carolina Engman Fashion Squad

Who does not know Fashion Squad today and likes walks streetstyle is a bit lost. From Sweden with love comes this blogger behind which lies Carolina Engman. Network usual, with 5 just turned on his blog just esste month.

In previous deliveries and we went to Sweden to see up close a style. Was that of Caroline Blomster , so it would not surprise me in the future continue taking the plane to visit the Nordic country to find new styles of fashion. For now we will look in detail at the Carolina Engman Fashion Squad .

The street looks Carolina Engman Fashion Squad

Carolina Black Engman Fashion Squad

Black is one of the most dominant colors in the costumes of Carolina Engman. Black rarely absolutely dominates in total looks, as we see in the picture, but that it is in small details or in addition to other colors.

Carolina Engman Camel Fashion Squad

Black together frequently uses earth tones where the camel is quite common. Also, the beige tones. Are styles that blend tastefully forms: forms with the more extensive set. In some looks, like this, the air CĂ©line and Maison Martin Margiela is only in Zara and the like.

Carolina Engman Pens Fashion Squad

The appeal of the feathers is quite common in their looks. Leaves for vests and jackets. Think we're talking about a very cold climate is Swedish so any warm clothes are very low.

Carolina Engman Stripes Fashion Squad

This idea of feathers missing the streetstylers hat nor mixing with other fashion items such as shirts with horizontal stripes in black and white or nude colored baggy pants with generous wedge shoes.

Fashion Heels Carolina Engman Squad

This trend of extra inches at the meet in all looks normal. Generous heel shoes and clogs up several floors. Sometimes adds color to the set and sometimes not.

Carolina Engman Socks Fashion Squad

They could not miss the colored socks for the shoes, as any good street style lovers. Moreover while in Sweden.

Carolina Engman Red Fashion Squad

Together with previous orange fashion red coats or blazers with no lack of PVC leggings and blouses in pale pink romantic style.

Carolina Engman Green Fashion Squad

The looks that seem to be white and black are broken by the addition of a generous bag in the deep green of these months.

Palazzo pants Carolina Engman Fashion Squad

Bag combined with various styles, like this one over 70 thanks to a perfect palazzo pants in blue and white blouse.

Carolina Engman layers of Fashion Squad

Ideas for the street with a nice touch of sophistication in many streetstylers usual. Sets of multiple layers to avoid the cold without avoid losing style.

Fashion brands header Carolina Engman Fashion Squad are: Asos, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H & M, Zara, JNBY, Pucci, Celine.

Photo Gallery

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