Friday, April 29, 2011

What do the experts McQueen Kate Middleton?


A day of infarction, a dream wedding and a fairytale characters. Gradually I have been revealing the secrets of what happened in London and aroused the most interest was no doubt the dress Kate Middleton. , we have looked at this picture and after the wedding, waiting for the celebration.

Many voices shouting for some time that McQueen was the house chosen for this honor, we would like to have been experienced by Alexander the Great, but life and death would be his successor decide Sarah Burton responsible. From maison, denied, and perjured sworn time and again that they were not elected, but what they could say.

Once revealed the secret, opinions fly, of course. And among them we are interested in the design gurus and experts.


The question is: Does it represent something, much or little dress Kate Middleton the spirit of Alexander, in his indomitable time enfant terrible of design? Does your theatricality, its excesses, volumes and creativity?

It seems that like it or not the dress, the experts can not identify with the grandeur expected of a McQueen. Among the Spanish voices reflect some media and opinions as those of Miguel Palacio and Jorge Vazquez in that regard. They, among others, fail to identify the style McQueen in a design that has stood out for its simplicity.

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