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Men's Fashion: Summer is just around the corner


It's funny how much in fashion for men and women in the end we end up talking about the same: to return to the past to speak of the future , all within the fashion world.

At the end trends back a few decades ago, the resources of style as well, including the mass media to portray fashion. The wheel never stops turning and one day have to go through the same point.

What happens to Claudia Schiffer?


The fashion world is in shock to see the latest images of Claudia Schiffer , which had always boasted of beautiful curves and a body envied, it has come to nothing. It seems that the top model that more sighs launched in the nineties has happened to the diet ...

The alarm came in his last appearance in Cannes : Claudia wore a dress from Dolce & Gabbana black (beautiful by the way) that marked all your curves (or rather, lack thereof). Even the shape of your face has changed! Now his features are more pronounced than completely changed their face. But really, what happens?

10 perfect shoes for every occasion

Karolina Kurkova dancers

We all know what are the basic pieces of wardrobe that you save at any given time, regardless of the situation and the event: the white shirt, black dress, the jeans, etc.

But what are the 10 shoes to get a perfect look for every occasion?. In spring, there are 10 styles of shoes that I consider essential, both to go casual day to fix a little more at night. Let's see if they match yours:

It girls of the moment: Caroline Sieber

Caroline Sieber Louis Vuitton

Not everyone can be an ambassador for Chanel. A firm with such a history is not related to any person nor does any event, trademark or publication. Caroline Sieber is one of the lucky ones who have actually passed the rigorous cut French maison.

One feature most sought after by photographers such as Jak & Jil and Streetfsn, among others. Caroline Sieber is a born Austrian woman raised in London after. It's a famous stylist who had worked with Louis Vuitton, is one of the managers Style Emma Watson and one of the untouchables of Anna Wintour .

Is said is said, is rumorera ... Glenda Bailey leaves "Harper's Bazaar?

Glenda Bailey
Just a few minutes he has jumped the rumor. The head of the mythical American header Harper's Bazaar, Glenda Bailey, would leave his post. Leads since 2001 by the magazine, and it happened to journalist Kate Betts.

What could have led to this? The economic crisis, not forgetting the little weight in the business group, says WWD .

Bailey appeared on the Forbes list in 2009 as one of the most influential fashion journalists. The UK was appointed Officer of the British Empire in 2008. His career was forged in Marie Claire, where he was instrumental in the expansion and growth in the '90s.

Your last interview as head of the magazine was granted in February to Huffington Post .

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Asymmetrical gowns: we all want to be Carrie?


Hands up who has not wanted to look at this picture that Carrie once. You might find overwhelming, perhaps his dissolute life, her friends a profligate and worst Big suitors, but always, in some chapters, in a scene, we have seen that style that has left us with no sense and that we wanted to do ours.

This is one of mine and I used to introduce the special party dresses today focus on the asymmetries and in those bare shoulders that are sexier than a hot pants.

Freelance freelance you and you will become. The new Chanel campaign by Carine Roitfeld


Is here Fall-Winter 2011/2012 campaign for Chanel. Not that the thing is cause for cover in a news but changes if we tell you that this is the first work as a freelance stylist Carine Roitfeld after I go, ye lay me. The thing was not entirely clear: some say it was , others who did go through a misunderstanding with a big house and sent him a piece of another to make the copy, but what is verifiable is how she manages outside the guidelines of Vogue.

Anyway we were eager to see the results of its first great collaboration and it is freelance. The campaign, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld as always, who only needs to make the top model, stars again for Freja Beha who enjoys to hell in a photo booth. Now, let's see ...

Guess, guess who stars in the cover of Vogue UK? ... (Or rather, what have they done?)


I've always wanted to be Vanessa Paradis. Singing with Lenny Kravitz as a young girl and show me the world, dressed in the 90 which tiradilla grunge and be sexier than Monroe, have the teeth apart and that is considered a diastema chic instead of a dental problem, be a friend of the soul and every body (for which I view) Karl Lagerfeld, to my hard session with Chanel haute couture in the rooms of Marie Antoinette and above all, that Johnny Depp will tame me.

Always less today. And that is when one has seen the cover of Vogue Uk July almost had a faint, of the time of Marie Antoinette curiously. I have no paabras to define how it looks and appears Vanessa Paradis "you help me?

Widths and patterns, so are the new pants

anne chaterine frey

Nobody said it was easy to follow trends. Long skirts, pleated, animal print, pallets fluorine, color block ... There are many fads that come to stay for a few seasons and thus the difficulty of carrying a particular trend. And while cigarette kings remain in the female wardrobe, there is another model of pants that is emerging this season: the broad patterns in the style of pajamas.

They are easy to wear but has many followers among which bloggers like Anne-Catherine Frey, a very chic French style is unbeatable male-female. Want to see how are these pants?

Guillermina Baeza Bath Collection Summer 2011: Brigitte Bardot inspired


Summer is just around the corner. The weekend breaks and days of swimming are finally about to arrive, so we have to tune in beauty and of course, swimwear.

Brigitte Bardot, singer, actress and erotic myth in the late 50's and 60's, has been, is and will be a landmark in the collective imagination worldwide. Bathroom designer Guillermina Baeza was inspired by her and Cannes in the late 50's and early 60's for 2011 swimwear collection, named after the Chercher La Femme. Suggestive, feminine and sexy swimwear reminiscent of the great Brigitte Bardot:

The Cannes late 50's and early 60's becomes a stage and inspiration of my new collection. The exquisite sensuality that follows the library binds to a woman's claim, an ode to femininity.

Julia Roitfeld's closet

julia roitfield

Everyone feels passionate about fashion special attraction known as are the cloakrooms of the it-girls and most stylish celebrities. Details like to know where your shoes or jewelry store and know if they order their clothes by color or by firms are the big secrets that we discover.

And today we bring you the cabinet Julia Roitfeld, daughter of Carine has shown your home to blog The Selby , page featuring the homes of celebrities such as Erin Wasson, almost nothing!

Want to know the secrets of the most famous daughter of fashion?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lady Gaga is the new student of V Spain


What you read that right, Lady Gaga now points to a new career at your resume and signed for the Spanish version of V Magazine. In a section called 'The Lady Gaga desktop', the most versatile singer and controversial of our times seeks to explain what is modern today.

As if it were Carrie Bradshaw, the Gaga write in every issue everything you go through your head ... Fear me! Not only will we meet with this section: with a beautiful Gisele Bündchen on the cover, Sebastian Faena has portrayed the hottest tops at the time in a session that will remove the sense of many.

Real formula: dueling "princesses" in Monte Carlo


Some are, others will and some do what they are or what will be but they are all princesses. For its size, because of their parentage, marriage or future grandchildren to be who they are.

The prize of the Monte Carlo Formula 1 again brought the cream of the principality and between all this, of course, Charlotte Casiraghi, Beatrice Borromeo, Charlotte Winsttock and other princesses did not expect, as the fractious and funny Princess Beatrice of England.

Sarah Jessica Parker: newspapers in their hands and their feet "?


Sarah Jessica Parker is more New Yorker than the Statue of Liberty and not hide it but looking for it. Test # 1: our beloved Sarah lives just two blocks from where our beloved Carrie lived in a town house whose exterior is so similar that could be confused and as accessible as it was the residence of Carrie for their misdeeds compis.

And there, in the West Village, which we leave and enter neighboring lifetime while those who crossed, especially if they are tourists to hunt, gives a dizzy spell. His last appearance was wrapped in a tricolor gown with buttons, maxi glasses and what will they be all editions of the NY Times a week for recycling? But what about on your feet? How our shoes and step this spring Yorker Sarah? Want to look like her for less than you expect?

The Nars holiday, full of beauty

nars alexa

There have been many celebrities who have come together to celebrate the launch of the new book Beauty prestigious Nars, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself. One of the new books by Nars that showed us and our co-Captivating.

And what we are concerned are the looks of the guests of the event. One was Alexa Chung, the it-girl who always likes to see. Alexa was, once again, true to its style and wore his classic pose of legs with a polka dot dress and boots. Want to see the other guests?

Shoes for a wedding guest: the secret to success is to risk


Shoes to attend a wedding are as important as the dress. At the time of going to buy you should keep in mind two key factors: and you have to have the outfit in question (two parts, clothing, pants), and always opt for a design of a minimum of eight inches

I am personally in favor of risk and forget the classic halls lined with the same fabric as the dress. I just seem boring. Another thing is to opt for a modern, peep-toe in the same tone. We must dare with a different model, which convert to dress in a really sophisticated piece.

The master shoemaker Christian Louboutin has marked a before and after its bold, yet sophisticated shoes. Has taught us that there is no need to "go play" to go looking, and various footwear companies have taken note.

Clothing Summer 2011 Stradivarius

Stradivarius ropa primavera verano 2011
Stradivarius has new clothes from his collection spring summer 2011 ! Stradivarius has new arrivals, the main novelty is the butterfly-patterned clothes!

There are all kinds of dresses and shirts with printed butterflies, there are also new cross sandals, skirts , dresses with low back, mini bags, asymmetrical dresses, shorts, navy striped shirt, capri jeans, combined sets of bracelets, etc. Perhaps most interesting is the long skirt in neon yellow!

How about the new clothes Stradivarius?

Clothing Summer 2011 Stradivarius

Stradivarius ropa primavera verano 2011

Butterfly print dress
€ 29.95
Ref: 7200.181.330

Stradivarius ropa primavera verano 2011 Long skirt
€ 29.95
Ref: 7009.172.330
Stradivarius ropa primavera verano 2011
Heel Sandal Straps
€ 35.95
Ref: 9137.041.040

Stradivarius ropa primavera verano 2011

Asymmetrical dress with ruffles
€ 17.95
Ref: 7220.071.047

Stradivarius ropa primavera verano 2011

September 5 charms bracelets fine details
€ 5.95
Ref: 7746.007.510

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I want a Boy (Chanel) that I am gay life


I love it when big companies introduce new models of bags. None of us know if they will become a must-have or a logo bag, no one knows whether they will succeed, but the fact is that if one of the major brands like Chanel, a presentation is unlikely to fail.

Anyway, this week introduced a new model called Boy. Airs vintage, straight lines and simple as it has all the prerequisites to be a guaranteed success. Available in different designs and colors: clutch, with handle, maxi ... We have to taste the colors: white, black, gray or maroon. What version do you prefer?

The it-girls of the moment: Whitney Port

whitney port kimono

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Whitney Port has this good girl image with details fashionista American. Whitney is passionate about fashion and has therefore been linked to the scene several years working for magazines like Teen Vogue, revealing her life in The City and the reality now, with her ​​clothing line, Whitney Eve.

So, this is all a girl of fashion in the United States, his appearances always generate anticipation for their looks and that is, this girl has the care American style that many love. Do we know better?

Jared Special: most desired shoes from the Spring-Summer 2011

Shoes is a weakness that many share. If we count the pairs of shoes in the cobbler we sure some of you are surprised with the results of the neighbor. There is real anger with the shoes when shopping.

Each season there are different models that are better than others. Trends vary by a small tweaks but time now there are so many alternatives that it is even difficult to choose what is not fashionable. The most important thing is to maintain a comfortable and stylish, and comes after the rest. Especially with the shoes, no matter how beautiful they are if I destroy the foot why I'm going to wear?

In Jared started a special shoe to see what fashion models this season, what are the favorites of the famous and streetstylers, what are the brands we offer and even what we are going on holiday.

In Jared | Special Spring-Summer 2011 Shoes for women

Wedge Sandals

Sandalias cuña

The wedge shoes are in fashion this spring-summer 2011, especially in sandals version, so we look at the models that set the trend wedge sandals are the summer sandals !

They are fashionable wedge sandals with high ceilings and platform. As for colors, wedge sandals are fashionable in neon colors and color-style version multicolor block, wedge sandals are also floral patterns. And the rush, cork and wood are the materials that take!

Here is a selection of trend-setting wedge sandals:

Fashionable wedge sandal spring summer 2011

Sandalias cuña

Wedge heel sandals with faux suede Pimkie
Ref 944676
€ 32.99 Sandalias cuña

Cork wedge and strip Stradivarius
€ 35.95
Ref: 1169.041.040

Sandalias cuña

Wedge sandal Pull and Bear
Ref 1280/011/078
€ 29.99

Sandalias cuña

Wooden wedge and White Flower Print
Ref: 731208901
€ 29.99

Sandalias cuña
Bershka wedge esparto

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Zara Necklaces

Collares de Zara

This Spring Summer 2011 Zara has some beautiful necklaces and the latest trends. You really have to say that almost all Zara fashion necklaces , necklaces like neon colors and, above all, the bead necklaces .

Zara also has bib necklaces , necklaces with feathers, fringed collars, etc.

Zara Necklaces

Collares de Zara

€ 17.95
Ref 6892/202

Collar de Zara

Beaded necklace with butterfly-shaped

Collares de Zara

€ 17.95
Ref 1183/201

Collares de Zara

Ethnic necklace beads

Collares de Zara
€ 39.95
Ref 6892/201

Collares de Zara

Colored stone necklace Zara

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Where can I get? Where to get it, the search for fashion lovers

Where to get it

Have you gone crazy looking for a piece of another season and can not find? Looking for a clone of the T-Nebula Christopher Kane or Prada creeppers adapted to your pocket? Thanks to the new website Where to get it can solve many questions like this.

This site helps you find and buy clothes and accessories when you do not know where to start looking. Its operation is simple, only need to register and you can upload the pictures of the items you want in versions to suit all budgets. They are the ones that help users find the parts in question or, if any they have that piece and no longer want, you can buy directly.

A new initiative for fashion lovers who also find many online shopping sites worldwide.

If you look around, check their website. And to find clones!

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