Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 perfect shoes for every occasion

Karolina Kurkova dancers

We all know what are the basic pieces of wardrobe that you save at any given time, regardless of the situation and the event: the white shirt, black dress, the jeans, etc.

But what are the 10 shoes to get a perfect look for every occasion?. In spring, there are 10 styles of shoes that I consider essential, both to go casual day to fix a little more at night. Let's see if they match yours:

1) We start with the dancers. They are comfortable, very feminine and are removed and placed easily. Perfect for when you go shopping, go well with skirts, dresses and skinny jeans. Karolina Kurkova the look with ankle pants and Olivia Palermo with cigarettes in military green.

olivia palermo dancers

2) platforms and clogs. Other casual shoes that add inches of height without being uncomfortable. H & M has launched a line of clogs very similar to those that looks Dakota Fanning at the airport.

dakota fanning clogs

3) laced sandals. Let the evening with a kind of sandals that combine with the mini-dresses that looks Karolina Kurkova with her ​​endless legs.

4) shoes with leopard print. Okay, are basic, but see that it's remaining Miranda Kerr these patterned shoes wild games to complete a lady look.

miranda kerr leopard shoes

5) Shoes nude. By having the same color as our skin, our legs stretched optically. Celebrities as Rachel Bilson legs will point to the fact endless.

rachel bilson nude shoes

6) Sandals with heel straps. If you want to go ultra-sophisticated, can not miss in your wardrobe. Eva Herzigova looks super sexy with them.

herzigova eva sandals

7) shoes impact. Striking at top, but when you are leaving a look of most sosaina, you put them and boooom! entirely to fashion. Carlota Casiraghi looks to the total black look.

Charlotte Casiraghi sandals

8) A black peeptoe. More lady shoes are preferred by Eva Longoria , I have a few years and I have put me in a thousand times.

eva longoria peeptoe

9) A color shoes. The summer can not miss block color shoes to add color to your outfits, to Lake Bell , turquoise green, for example.

lake bell color shoes

10) red sandals. Put red in your life and be the sexiest place. Kristin Cavallari notes, red timeless.

Kristin Cavallari red sandals

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