Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Freelance freelance you and you will become. The new Chanel campaign by Carine Roitfeld


Is here Fall-Winter 2011/2012 campaign for Chanel. Not that the thing is cause for cover in a news but changes if we tell you that this is the first work as a freelance stylist Carine Roitfeld after I go, ye lay me. The thing was not entirely clear: some say it was , others who did go through a misunderstanding with a big house and sent him a piece of another to make the copy, but what is verifiable is how she manages outside the guidelines of Vogue.

Anyway we were eager to see the results of its first great collaboration and it is freelance. The campaign, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld as always, who only needs to make the top model, stars again for Freja Beha who enjoys to hell in a photo booth. Now, let's see ...

The images were presented during the Cannes festival and take life by the grace of body and Freja Beha, who for the fifth time is put in front of Lagerfeld and first against the Roitfeld.


How could it be otherwise .... Meat, transparencies, sexual sensuality ... we could not expect less from the ex voguette porn goddess whose outfits look chic occasionally emerged from the mind of a man, but a man with taste and refinement.

She said she had taken the decision to leave for Paris Vogue as a freelance professional spirit was always considered as such does the augur a promising career?

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