Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guess, guess who stars in the cover of Vogue UK? ... (Or rather, what have they done?)


I've always wanted to be Vanessa Paradis. Singing with Lenny Kravitz as a young girl and show me the world, dressed in the 90 which tiradilla grunge and be sexier than Monroe, have the teeth apart and that is considered a diastema chic instead of a dental problem, be a friend of the soul and every body (for which I view) Karl Lagerfeld, to my hard session with Chanel haute couture in the rooms of Marie Antoinette and above all, that Johnny Depp will tame me.

Always less today. And that is when one has seen the cover of Vogue Uk July almost had a faint, of the time of Marie Antoinette curiously. I have no paabras to define how it looks and appears Vanessa Paradis "you help me?

I think I have alienated a little because when contemplating the cover. My first thought was that of a grandmother with all sabérselas eyes but be nicer than bread and hair I do not care what they say, what they think.


Are they the same person at hand? (Image for his latest album and photographed by Lagerfeld). Am I alienated or been alienated the land voguette Catherine Middleton? Always have believed that Paradis was one of the most beautiful canvases that could be counted but is seen bad days, or sessions, we all have.

Via | Uk Vogue

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