Monday, May 30, 2011

I want a Boy (Chanel) that I am gay life


I love it when big companies introduce new models of bags. None of us know if they will become a must-have or a logo bag, no one knows whether they will succeed, but the fact is that if one of the major brands like Chanel, a presentation is unlikely to fail.

Anyway, this week introduced a new model called Boy. Airs vintage, straight lines and simple as it has all the prerequisites to be a guaranteed success. Available in different designs and colors: clutch, with handle, maxi ... We have to taste the colors: white, black, gray or maroon. What version do you prefer?

With a masculine of the most marked, the Boy of Chanel is the new object of deso for all fashion victims. The gold chain as a handle is a must, but if you prefer you can pick a red clutch passion without falling into the monotony of color: its closure in gold makes it not boring.


As discussed, it is said, it is rumored, the name comes from the English polo player Boy Capel, one of the great loves of Coco Chanel.


How could it be otherwise, prices range between $ 2500 and $ 4500. A treat available to very few lucky ...


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