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It girls of the moment: Caroline Sieber

Caroline Sieber Louis Vuitton

Not everyone can be an ambassador for Chanel. A firm with such a history is not related to any person nor does any event, trademark or publication. Caroline Sieber is one of the lucky ones who have actually passed the rigorous cut French maison.

One feature most sought after by photographers such as Jak & Jil and Streetfsn, among others. Caroline Sieber is a born Austrian woman raised in London after. It's a famous stylist who had worked with Louis Vuitton, is one of the managers Style Emma Watson and one of the untouchables of Anna Wintour .

Collaboration with Louis Vuitton

Caroline Sieber LV

With a very elegant and a first class friends, Caroline Sieber is considered by many one of the girls closer together it today. It has even been responsible for relaunching the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.

Necessary in a fashion week

C Sieber faceC Sieber London Dress

In any fashion week that claims there will be Caroline Sieber. Do not miss the London nor the one in Paris. There we have seen spectacular dresses of famous brands. In her looks do not miss Chanel, of course, the same way as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balmain, Balenciaga and Burberry Prorsum, among others.

White SieberSieber dress

As is well known friends who surround and so poses with Elettra Rossellini with Julia Restoin Roitfeld.

Caroline Sieber look

Always dresses worthy of a big party like this by Valentino chose to attend the front row of the Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 at Fashion Week in Paris .

The risk of a stylist

Sieber prints

Often used much of the patterns of all kinds. Prints that come in dresses or blazers like this from Louis Vuitton combines Prada sandals.

Sieber transparencies

The normal risk we take on someone like Caroline Sieber is another of his key when mixing items from the same collection where prints are also attached. Magnificent look of Louis Vuitton.

Sieber skins

But then at other times such slides are not as successful. Nor fur.

Chic simplicity

Chanel Sieber

His style is to mix a chic point of view without leaving a spicy with minidresses a figure that looks very thin. Chanel does not disappoint.

Chanel Cruise Caroline Sieber

And so you do not lose any events of the French firm. The last was the presentation of zero-2012 "> Cruise 2012 collection, an act he shared with other it-girl of the moment .

Sieber Chanel shortsSieber back

An elegant style, a style that relies on the great names in world fashion but decides to review a particular way.

Maggie Wheeler

I only see one drawback to Caroline Sieber: its resemblance to Janice (Maggie Wheeler) to 'Friends'. When I see an apparition of Sieber I can not help that rings in my head "Oh, my God!" With an annoying ring.

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