Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jacket and trousers for the office: is comfortable and stylish!

Katie Holmes jacket

One of the biggest headaches a day is what to wear to wear to work. That if a skirt, if a dress, if you just let me go in trousers, hot weather ... many questions and so many possibilities that always end jeans and take what we say, why change?

The jacket is a garment that you must always have at hand and not only have to look in these days we have a commitment to be better dressed. Is an article that should be at the core of the week. Katie Holmes knows this, as well as other famous and streetstylers of who we signed some looks.

The black blazer: timeless

Julianne Moore

If we talk about types of blazers can not forget the basic-black color. There are many that do not depart from it. Julianne Moore among them. She decides not complicated and mixed gray and black with a casual look.

January Jones look

January Jones goes with pregnancy and mixing styles in their last set. Less tidy than usual and adding to the look sporty details. It's hot, so you better leave those boots parked in the cobbler.

Romantic Lylym

Streetstylers prefer the sign to the romantic fashion with the lace and also basic black and white.

Christina Lee color

We are in a colorful season so we can spice up the office with our clothes .

Spring comes in white and beige

Gwyneth Paltrow White

Both minimalism on all sides would have to be on the jackets. These turn white for spring and combined with the same color shirts. Magnificent look of Gwyneth Paltrow incorporating ankle pants in beige.

Alexandra beige

The beige and white are bound to mean a season when mixed clothing. Even those with partners like the nude color in tops. Always nice to add a color to break a shade too soft. Black or brown that role very well.

Martine trench

And if you want a blazer but we have a beige trench we also hand it to go on their way to the office in the morning, as sure in the jacket just left anywhere to feel some heat. The detail of the scarf does not fail.

Other jackets for the office

Heidi Klum denim jacket

The denim jacket has recovered enough whole season and many brands are those that have joined this trend. Heidi Klum 's look with a maxi dress sandal plant moles and smooth. A casual look suitable for some work but not others.

The option to rescue the sailor style every season brings with it all its symbols and jackets could not be less. Shield included. A shield me what I think is a bad taste, but it is an alternative to keep in mind.

Photos | Gtres, Lily M , Christina Lee , Alexandra M. , Martine A. , Natalia C.

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