Monday, May 30, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker: newspapers in their hands and their feet "?


Sarah Jessica Parker is more New Yorker than the Statue of Liberty and not hide it but looking for it. Test # 1: our beloved Sarah lives just two blocks from where our beloved Carrie lived in a town house whose exterior is so similar that could be confused and as accessible as it was the residence of Carrie for their misdeeds compis.

And there, in the West Village, which we leave and enter neighboring lifetime while those who crossed, especially if they are tourists to hunt, gives a dizzy spell. His last appearance was wrapped in a tricolor gown with buttons, maxi glasses and what will they be all editions of the NY Times a week for recycling? But what about on your feet? How our shoes and step this spring Yorker Sarah? Want to look like her for less than you expect?


Well, neither more nor less than the shoe of the season, some wooden clogs with heel strap and a half, the most appealing and comfortable. We miss seeing her run around in their day to day wearing the crazy Carrie stylistic but more casual look we like.

Where to find? In Swedish Hasbeens for H & M to look looked just like her ...



Missoni if you're a fashionista hardened and medium heel shoe only use it as home ...


or Andrea Milian for a touch of color is very pink panther.

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