Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What happens to Claudia Schiffer?


The fashion world is in shock to see the latest images of Claudia Schiffer , which had always boasted of beautiful curves and a body envied, it has come to nothing. It seems that the top model that more sighs launched in the nineties has happened to the diet ...

The alarm came in his last appearance in Cannes : Claudia wore a dress from Dolce & Gabbana black (beautiful by the way) that marked all your curves (or rather, lack thereof). Even the shape of your face has changed! Now his features are more pronounced than completely changed their face. But really, what happens?

Many speculations are those found on the internet, but nobody knows for a fact that has happened to this woman to wear such a body. Women sometimes go through phases where weight loss is inevitable (or disproportionate gain it ...).


The British newspaper Daily Mail has responded to the news and called it 'sucks' and 'emaciated', as it claims, the model is larger than 1.80 and its weight is below 49 kg.


"The strange thing about all this? Claudia Schiffer has always been an ardent supporter of the curves and bodies healthy. More than once 'complained' that today's models were just a bag of bones and extreme thinness did not look pretty.


Her weight loss has been most rapid. In some images of these last Christmas, the Schiffer looked healthy and pretty, with a most flattering styling for ivernal time.


From Jared expect to be improved and that soon meet again with the body that characterized both.

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