Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Widths and patterns, so are the new pants

anne chaterine frey

Nobody said it was easy to follow trends. Long skirts, pleated, animal print, pallets fluorine, color block ... There are many fads that come to stay for a few seasons and thus the difficulty of carrying a particular trend. And while cigarette kings remain in the female wardrobe, there is another model of pants that is emerging this season: the broad patterns in the style of pajamas.

They are easy to wear but has many followers among which bloggers like Anne-Catherine Frey, a very chic French style is unbeatable male-female. Want to see how are these pants?

Proposed Street

The street seems to be making room for this piece. Do your features? They long to foot prints of the reasons you can imagine and very, very wide. If you decide on one, do not forget to bring them to heel.

wide pants

A pledge not easy as it can broaden our shape and make us much shorter, so as not to forget the scaffolding at home.

wide pants

If there is a rule to combine these pants would certainly avoid mixing with other prints and go for the basics and classic black and white tank tops, shirts too simple or if your model of trousers is lunar, dare to combine it with stripes , but do not leave much of the classic combinations.

wide pants

And, this is a proposal that involves many difficulties as we do not know if we will continue with many more seasons. Still, there are a lot of daring and yours looks like these Miu Miu.

wide pants

Low-cost options

If you've fallen for this type of pants you're in luck. Zara has several models that follow very well the trend lines and, as such, are selling like hot cakes.

zara pants

Models in black are the most chosen by the girls on the street, remaining points of difficulty and are more night than day. But if you decide on this model, you may see sharing with dozens of girls look the same night.

wide pants

Although of course, Zara has models in other colors that have a much more casual aesthetic and can be combined with basic tops in neutral tones. And for the feet? A summer wedges!

zara pants

Top Shop also has baggy pants in their catalog. Slightly more expensive but very similar style to those of Zara, English and many have fallen into the charms of these jeans so comfortable.

top shop pants

And Top Shop also have more options for hippies: orange, boho printing and much more for the day to night.

topshop pants

Beyond the reach of all

Of course, if your budget is tight unless you have options more original, different and special. Roberto Cavalli stake, how could it be otherwise, for the leopard print for this type of pants. Extravagant and risky.


Meanwhile, Etro offers us much more in style and convinces us more. This optical-print pants are made of silk and is truly divine. Do not you think?

_in_l.jpg "class =" centro_sinmarco "alt =" etro pant "/>

And finally, we leave you with the option of M Missoni: Printed gray trousers, and cotton very seventies despite cost almost 500 euros.

m Missoni

What do you think this new model of trousers? Is it as difficult as it seems?

Photos | Anne Catherine Frey , StyleSightings , Zara , Top Shop , Net-a-porter

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