Thursday, June 30, 2011

Balmain Cruise 2012: what if not Decarnin?


OH MY GOD. That's the first thing that came to mind when you see the new collection Balmain Cruise 2012. The morbidity was present after learning that its designer, Christophe Decarnin, left the firm for psychological problems . Who will replace him? Would you come to the soles of shoes? Will that essence that the firm achieved thanks to the work of Decarnin? Now I have answers to all these questions. Yes, yes, yes and definitely yes.

Rousteing Olivier has come to the soles of shoes and has a height, that essence has loved and I love the result. Although his first job, the cruise collection is always the 'easier' for its versatility, this promising young talent hademostrado that is felt in every pore of your skin.

What kind of swimsuit or bikini is not lacking in your beach bag?: The question of the week

Jared answers

We're all thinking about the holidays more than anything else, and if we go to the beach, you can not forget a swimsuit or bikini tanning in the sun. This summer's trend, asymmetric floodlights . Tell us your opinion on the question of the week:

¿ What kind of swimsuit or bikini is not lacking in your beach bag ?

We hope your preferences in fashion bath Jared Responses . Do not leave comments here, but in the section created for it. Next week will tell you what has been the best answer and the most votes among your opinions.

Miu Miu Campaign Fall-Winter 2011/2012: the girl with a thousand faces


This campaign of Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2011/2012 had me most intrigued: I wanted to know how a 15 year old could cope alone with the camera. And what, obviously Hailee Steinfeld does not have the experience of a top-model but no doubt I would have done worse.

In some pictures I like the idea caught off guard with everyday things: eating pizza, thinking and laughing, but in others have put on big woman and have 40 years at once. I feel this campaign is something roasted as a love / hate one with you but without you. Do you want to see it all? We invite you to tell us what you think.

Walking Tall: Shoes fluoride flood the streets


've Been saying for weeks and not get tired of repeating itself, as the neon lights are the most this summer. And what better to wear this trend treading force? If before I showed you the various models of bags signed by Cambridge Satchel Company, now I show different proposals of shoes in these colors as gaudy. The problem is, how dare you? Combined with a simple outfit fits perfectly.

Since we give different keys Jared and proposals to go to the last. The streets are flooded with eye-catching models: the color yellow is the most respondents. The star of Fashion-wear trends without becoming mixed absurd or ridiculous. While their outfits are daring she has a do not know what it takes with grace and ease, do not you think?

The watches are in fashion colors


A wave of incredible colors arrive at our watches! Violet, fuchsia, purple, yellow, coral or classic white, are the tones that bring summer to dress our dolls. Risks and commitment to striking hues in line with trends in clothing and accessories this summer. I have one in yellow and feels great, especially with the tan skin tone.

The latest trend in color watches are fluorine, ideal to combine with all kinds of looks and accessories. Technomarine bets on certain models of masculine, chronograph with rotating bezel and strap silicone juejo the color of the sphere. Cruise is the Original Lipstick model, perfect to wear during the day.

Back to school! Cambridge Satchel Company bags flood the streets


Just have completed the classes and are already thinking about next year student, why? Well, that's worth the time: following the fashion of the neon colors Cambridge Satchel Company signature (from the UK, of course) offers a bag that remind us the old school bags (those used by our grandparents his young age).

We look at the outfits of the blogger Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad (I'ma fan of your blog and your looks!) because she is a fan of this model. In each of the outputs uses it differently and with different hue. Fluorine is a yellow colorful, perfect for summer but hopelessly difficult to combine (if not impossible!). She brings a new vision and the result is divine breaks the monotony of black and white with this addition. An urban look, simple and perfect. Want to see more? Adelante!

Looks & celebrities: 3, 2, 1 countdown Kate Moss

kate moss hat

This weekend will be married Albert of Monaco and Charlene sosaina, but the wedding that we really are all hoping for is that of Kate Moss . The last model the details for your wedding and keep the estilazo with black shorts, her dancers, her blouse birds Miu Miu, her handbag Longchamp and wide-brimmed hat.

We do not know who designed her wedding dress (it was rumored that John Galliano, or even itself), so we have to wait several days to know the secret, but it sure manages to create a tendency, as usual.

Photos | Gtres

Petal Cosmopolitan Television Awards, what better way defends famous Cosmo?

Paula Echevarría

Sexy, casual and young, so it's a girl Cosmopolitan. Petal Awards organized by Cosmopolitan TV channel yesterday chose celebrities from different fields who can champion the style of this channel.

And the most anticipated of the evening was actress Paula Echevarría fashion who won the Prize Petal, 2011 Woman of the Year. Since blogger Paula exercised, its success has grown through the roof thanks to its daily updates, easy and admired its looks and its proximity to the time of posting.

You see, Paula settled and won her dress tye dye . And now you know the rest of the summer Cosmo girls?

Zara clothing Summer 2011 (II)

Zara ropa verano 2011 A no beginning and rebates Summer 2011 at Zara touch review the new arrivals in Zara! I hope Zara cheating and debase the new clothing and accessories because there are some very interesting little thing! And is that the area of new collection or collection of continuity is usually sneak a danger because the very best of Zara.

Zara has new party dresses , skirts , summer sandals , fashion handbags, etc.. How about the new Zara? I crazy about the skirt because it is ideal to have the wardrobe and the fabric looks good! I also find it ideal scarf with tassels : D .

Zara ropa verano 2011

€ 29.95
Ref 5315/242

Zara ropa verano 2011

Strapless dress
€ 19.95
The garment includes elastic belt.
Ref 7901/207

You can see here more Zara clothes !

Zara ropa verano 2011

€ 22.95
Ref 6859/205

Zara ropa verano 2011

€ 29.95
23 x 36 x 1.7 cm.
Ref 8451/004

Zara ropa verano 2011

€ 59.95
Heel height: 10 cms.
Ref 5206/001

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Stradivarius summer clothes 2011 (III)

Stradivarius ropa verano 2011 Here are the new clothes Stradivarius which is in fashion this summer 2011 . As you can see is presented through a series of looks and street style with the new sprendas and accessories that correspond to the lookbook of July.

The main novelty is that much denim is denim shirt looks that combine with shorts or pants also in demin. There are also other trends such as metallic shine, oversize shirts, oxford shoes, the python print accessories, and so on.

How about the new Stradivarius?

Stradivarius ropa verano 2011
Stradivarius ropa verano 2011
Stradivarius ropa verano 2011
Stradivarius ropa verano 2011
Stradivarius ropa verano 2011
Stradivarius ropa verano 2011
Stradivarius ropa verano 2011
Stradivarius ropa verano 2011

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Add a hat to your outfit!


In summer, heat pressing the asphalt and the sun burns the skin, we often wear quickly, easily and conveniently. But how do we make our outfit is chic with all these assumptions? The answer is simple: play with the accessories. And if possible, with caps. There are all types: Borsalino straw brimmed hats, colorful ... Have you found your style? Jared Today we give you the keys to success so you can look perfect complement cone ste.

First of all is going according to your style and landscape around you, that is, if you go to the beach it is best to give you a hat an air of glamor of the 50, but if you're over mountain borsalino enfúndate a small and comfortable.

Basma catalog swimwear collection Summer 2011


To combat this sweltering heat it is best to take a dip in the pool. If you do not have your bathing suit , today I propose that we cast ye out the swimwear collection Basma.

Swimsuits and bikinis in bright colors, abstract patterns and much animal print. Nor I can not forget the moon in size XXL, the purest Andalusian style. Classic black and white, they can not miss this comprehensive collection, and in your closet are two must-have to wear in the water.

And best of all? The variety of proposals without braces, without a doubt the most comfortable designs for sunbathing. The details in bikini tops and pants are a constant.

Fashion pants (I)

Pantalones de moda Pants summer 2011 fashion skinny jeans are fluorine or neon color like fuchsia, green, orange, blue or yellow.

But it is not the only trend in pants is also much Chinese, capri pants, the baggy pants , high waisted pants, pants prints, pants with tweezers , bell-bottom pants, metallic pants, etc.

Fashion pants

Pantalones de moda

Patalones prints high-waisted Bershka

Pantalones de moda

€ 39.95
Ref 6840/241

Pantalones de moda

Fluor colors Pants Pull and Bear

Pantalones de moda

Chino Pants with White Clips
Ref: 011207501
€ 22.99

Pantalones de moda

Print Zara pants

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Katie Holmes in a pure state, ladylike style up!


Look, I'm no fan of Katie Holmes . I recognize that sometimes goes cute, but always have a something that I just made the weight. But today has convinced me all, all. It was like love at first sight: do not believe in them until you suddenly find them in the face. We already knew that dresses with bare backs are the most this summer, but yours is so simple, yet sexy lady so I can not say anything but I love it!

Photo | Gtres

How is a party full of models? The Serpentine Gallery in London and Burberry show us

lilly donaldson

The Serpentine Gallery in London held its annual summer party in the presence of many beauties of the world of fashion. Many models have been invited to this feast of Serpentine and Burberry.

Amid beautiful girl, one of the most elegant was Lily Donaldson who wore a beautiful dress with white transparencies. But Lily is not the only one that has pulled this trend and the only beauty that has landed in the photocall. Look!

Blogs and Fashion 60: accessories for summer


Summer is when we look more for clothing accessories allow us the bracelets, earrings, rings full of color ... so in our week of Blogs and fashion, the cocktail , I want to talk about summer accessories.

Some time ago I spoke of the blog Accessories Dragonleta and I loved it. Talking with Patricia, the creator and designer of beautiful and original accessories, tells me he has designed new pieces. So, today I bring you your news, earrings and rings in the form of flower-patterned fabric carved merry and bright, ideal to combine with our summer outfits. Above all different! The reds and blues are my favorites.

Marchesa Cruise 2012: daydreaming


One of the big firms as regards red carpet, Marchesa, has unveiled its new collection for the upcoming 2012 cruise :-stopping dresses that evoke the golden age of Hollywood from the 50 outfits because of myocardial Greek times.

The details may be missing in each of their garments, this time, have a clear (and necessary) lack of volume to face a keynote drop weight fabrics. I love all the models! The pastel colors make their way and impose against the bright colors (which are also present, ofcourse). If you play the EuroMillions, what dress you give? Let your imagination ...

Looks & Celebrities: The denim skirt Claudia Schiffer

claudia schiffer denim skirt

I love the denim skirt that looks like Claudia Schiffer . With these buttons in front, and I think a retro feel as stylish garment for this summer. Hers is surely Stella McCartney, but this season many have launched low cost stores like models.

Let's see if I have luck with rebates and similar to copy this look so seventies. Those who live in the north we can afford to wear such garments, unthinkable to 40 degrees from the rest of the country.

Photos | Gtres

Coterie of famous parade Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012


Among the many collections Cruise 2012 Salvatore Ferragamo is the latest designers face in presenting his collection in 2012. At the moment we have no pictures but we know that the show created a buzz since the parade of famous did not wait: Emma Roberts was one of the attendees. And since she is an actress has proven to be passionate about fashion.

The event was attended with a lilac satin mini-dress in long sleeve, two-tone shoes with pointed toes and a clutch of straight lines in cream. I do not know if the material of the garment, the choice of shoes or pose, but something about this outfit that I just made ​​the weight (personal capacity) ... What do you think?