Thursday, June 30, 2011

Add a hat to your outfit!


In summer, heat pressing the asphalt and the sun burns the skin, we often wear quickly, easily and conveniently. But how do we make our outfit is chic with all these assumptions? The answer is simple: play with the accessories. And if possible, with caps. There are all types: Borsalino straw brimmed hats, colorful ... Have you found your style? Jared Today we give you the keys to success so you can look perfect complement cone ste.

First of all is going according to your style and landscape around you, that is, if you go to the beach it is best to give you a hat an air of glamor of the 50, but if you're over mountain borsalino enfúndate a small and comfortable.

The celebrities are targeted to the fashion

As always, work for a trend we must ask ourselves to the idea. And what is the best way? Looking at how they are celebrities. Rachel Bilson has happened to the world of the farm and spent the weekend helping a family to pick lettuce, tomatoes ... Under the sun has shone a very wide-brimmed hat country. ideal at this time.


Katie Holmes is on holiday with her ​​husband and daughter, between boat and yacht protecting your head with a small borsalino.


The actress of the teen drama 90210, Shenae Grimes , went to an act of Veuve Clicquot champagne in New York with an ideal outfit for the Hamptons (sacándole some things to their looks): skirt to the ankles, shirt tied to a nuedo and a hat that house style. What more could you want?


Blogs, the best showcase

Street style blogs are, and will for a long time, the best showcase for us, the mortals. How can we use this trend to our day to day? Well by looking at the looks of other mere mortals. Jean dress corset style tops, sandals, a Borsalino and ... touché, I have.


But if you have a black day and want to achieve a total look black look at the most international of all Italian: Chiara Ferragni . Use it for everything!


¿Are you ready?

Are you prepared to wear one too? In Jared versions we offer chic, comfortable and cheap market. If you love the country style you opt for this version of Topshop.


For Zara looks more navy offers us this one in dark version. A somewhat risky, but quite sure that if you combine it with the right clothes you achieve a look 10.


And Asos find the model most glamorous of all: I can only say I'm in love! As if by an Actress in Cannes this version enfúndate they were so ideal.


Photos | Gtres, Fashionising , Frogshopstyle

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