Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fashion pants (I)

Pantalones de moda Pants summer 2011 fashion skinny jeans are fluorine or neon color like fuchsia, green, orange, blue or yellow.

But it is not the only trend in pants is also much Chinese, capri pants, the baggy pants , high waisted pants, pants prints, pants with tweezers , bell-bottom pants, metallic pants, etc.

Fashion pants

Pantalones de moda

Patalones prints high-waisted Bershka

Pantalones de moda

€ 39.95
Ref 6840/241

Pantalones de moda

Fluor colors Pants Pull and Bear

Pantalones de moda

Chino Pants with White Clips
Ref: 011207501
€ 22.99

Pantalones de moda

Print Zara pants

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