Thursday, June 30, 2011

Petal Cosmopolitan Television Awards, what better way defends famous Cosmo?

Paula Echevarría

Sexy, casual and young, so it's a girl Cosmopolitan. Petal Awards organized by Cosmopolitan TV channel yesterday chose celebrities from different fields who can champion the style of this channel.

And the most anticipated of the evening was actress Paula Echevarría fashion who won the Prize Petal, 2011 Woman of the Year. Since blogger Paula exercised, its success has grown through the roof thanks to its daily updates, easy and admired its looks and its proximity to the time of posting.

You see, Paula settled and won her dress tye dye . And now you know the rest of the summer Cosmo girls?

Some of the attendees came too exaggerated for what a magazine like Cosmopolitan fresh and fun required. While of course there are always exceptions, like the case of Esmeralda Moya that never fails in choosing her outfits. Yesterday we saw a striped dress, tan and make-up clutch in tone: a perfect Cosmo girl!

Esmeralda Moya

Lourdes Hernandez Russian Red is often not disappoint us, Lourdes knows how to choose depending on the occasion. Last night was the award for best artist of 2011 and posed with a black dress with transparency with which he was very, very cute.

Lourdes Hernandez

Yarovenko Natasha was another of the team winner of the night and also went home happy because they won the Award for Newcomer Petal 2011. Natasha took a monkey with an air cortito seventies and hair collection.

Natasha Yarovenko

Aroa Gimeno could also be among the successful night. Her black dress, short and lopsided betting is one of those easy, with no failures nor dazzling.

aora gimeno

The actress Carolina Bang did not finish to grab the point, however, last night was quite up to the event: her black dress and her hair was another gathering of those bets that save you money.

carolina bang

Another award-winning evening was actress Inma Cuesta , named best actress of 2011. Despite their obvious beauty, Inma not stop to find the style that he favors and even opted for one of fashion colors, yellow, cut the dress did not fit quite right. Inma, looking for a new stylist!

Inma Cuesta

Cayetana Guillen Cuervo , the better presenter of 2011 according to the Cosmopolitan channel crossed the line when choosing oufit and is more like a look of the Gala Goya a party channel Cosmopolitan.


And we ended up with singer Soraya Arnelas , which must pass the same: both went all out the window with his outfit was a bit out of place. SabemoSoraya is very fond of Brilli-Brillian, and if we add the length of the dress and hairstyle, Soraya was a mermaid than anything else.


Who is the best dressed? Who best represents the style of Cosmopolitan?

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