Thursday, June 30, 2011

What kind of swimsuit or bikini is not lacking in your beach bag?: The question of the week

Jared answers

We're all thinking about the holidays more than anything else, and if we go to the beach, you can not forget a swimsuit or bikini tanning in the sun. This summer's trend, asymmetric floodlights . Tell us your opinion on the question of the week:

¿ What kind of swimsuit or bikini is not lacking in your beach bag ?

We hope your preferences in fashion bath Jared Responses . Do not leave comments here, but in the section created for it. Next week will tell you what has been the best answer and the most votes among your opinions.

Last week's question:

What is your favorite shoe for summer?

We chose the response Skady the most useful:

Flat leather sandals, uncovered the more better. I love to see morenito foot and with the perfect manicure. And look great with dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts ... In winter I find no flat shoes that I like and end up with both feet mangled heel. In summer, however, leave the heels for special occasions, and I always wear sandals. I love!

I fully agree with her, in summer I want comfort, and flat sandals are extremely comfortable leather and very versatile.

Trend Continues choose shoes as their favorite three:

Wedges, flat sandals and water

Wedges inches without subtracting added convenience, so they are also among our favorites.

And the most ardent supporter of the heels is Ssilvia :

For me, for both summer and winter, good heels. They are a passion and every time you want more and more. The other day I read a phrase that seems perfect for this passion, if that pair of shoes in the closet you make you smile is worth more than they cost. I also use ballerinas, sandals, wedges, ... but as a shoe with a heel, nothing.

We hope that this week's opinions about swimwear are equally interesting.

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