Wednesday, June 22, 2011

White Accessories

Accesorios de Blanco

The White accessories I really like because they have a wide variety of items that follow the latest trends and cheap prices. White has all kinds of accessories: bags, hats, necklaces , earrings, rings, shoes , sunglasses, bracelets , etc.. There are even clones of accessories are very popular as is the case of starfish bracelet!

Here is my selection of the best accessories White spring summer collection 2011:

Accesorios de Blanco

Loro Bracelets 6 Pack
Ref: 611403101
€ 6.99

Accesorios de Blanco

Small Raffia Bag
Ref: 761231001
€ 17.99

In also check out the H & M accessories of Dayaday of Bimba & Lola in Parfois of Sfera of Pimkie , etc.

Accesorios de Blanco

Straw Hat Smooth Live
Ref: 661203901
€ 9.99

Accesorios de Blanco

Stone Ring
Ref: 631400201
€ 4.99

Accesorios de Blanco

Vichy Retro Glasses
Ref: 661205901
€ 5.99

Zapatos Blanco

Sandal Strip
Ref: 731210101
€ 17.99

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