Thursday, June 30, 2011

Zara clothing Summer 2011 (II)

Zara ropa verano 2011 A no beginning and rebates Summer 2011 at Zara touch review the new arrivals in Zara! I hope Zara cheating and debase the new clothing and accessories because there are some very interesting little thing! And is that the area of new collection or collection of continuity is usually sneak a danger because the very best of Zara.

Zara has new party dresses , skirts , summer sandals , fashion handbags, etc.. How about the new Zara? I crazy about the skirt because it is ideal to have the wardrobe and the fabric looks good! I also find it ideal scarf with tassels : D .

Zara ropa verano 2011

€ 29.95
Ref 5315/242

Zara ropa verano 2011

Strapless dress
€ 19.95
The garment includes elastic belt.
Ref 7901/207

You can see here more Zara clothes !

Zara ropa verano 2011

€ 22.95
Ref 6859/205

Zara ropa verano 2011

€ 29.95
23 x 36 x 1.7 cm.
Ref 8451/004

Zara ropa verano 2011

€ 59.95
Heel height: 10 cms.
Ref 5206/001

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