Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 essential tips to make your case. By Anna Dello Russo


In a continuing not know Anna dello Russo has me. Sometimes I can not handle it with its eccentricities, its front rows of the song if I look better, with membership of the new publishing phenomenon of the star as usual, left out the best from Grace Coddington to Franca Sozzani, which one would dare to name as the world's best editor and best director (Italian Vogue). But the lights illuminate the scenes is not always the best but to those who attract the most attention and certainly among them, the best and brightest is Anna.

Enter in your blog is a quasi-mystical experience, with a mysticism so kitsch and tacky that it borders on the unbelievable. But let's get to the bottom of the issue, the 10 rules to make a perfect bag this holiday Anna dello Russo has seen fit to recommend. And is that who is not in a dead end when it comes to preparing your suitcase? Well let's take the first exit, direction Russo's blog and see where it leads.

Rule one: the bag must be light Forbidden overweight!

Rule Two: The summer holidays are the only time of year that is allowed to take a break from fashion.

Rule three: It can take only one pair of shoes. Choose well!

Rule number 5: Keep an extra bag just for books.

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