Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 10 most iconic shoe of all time


At this point, no woman has to be justified by having too many shoes in her closet. The shoes are definitely items that exceed the practical functionality for which they were created, becoming a symbol or object of worship that we wear.

But within these everyday objects of desire, what remains in our minds for years?

1. Carrie's Manolos


Who has not seen at least one chapter of Sex and the City? Her protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw urbanite, lives obsessed with Manolos, a name that has become popular to designer shoes canario Manolo Blahnik . If we were saved from a fire at least one pair, no doubt would choose one of the pairs with curd rhinestone buckle, which bears some resemblance to ...

2. The Belle Vivier


The classic square buckle shoe popularized by Catherine Deneuve in the film Belle de Jour is considered the most imitated shoe of all time. Its low heel, square and square buckle emblematic make it a classic that I personally think a little dated: the brand I prefer glasses with logo-branded buckle, so to have the old stuff and ....

3. Dorothy's red shoes

Or how to follow the yellow brick road in style. Famous for dressing the feet of Judy Garland, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz movie, studded with red sequins and a very cute little ribbon, are perfect for a boyish look. The red shoes have always been considered a fetish icon, but we want some shoes with high sexual charge, we will choose the ...

4. Vivienne Westwood platforms impossible


Shoes that tripped to Naomi Campbell on the runway (never forgave the designer, is often the black gazelle!), with its exaggerated drag queen platform, appearance and three buckles caricatresco to prevent falls from top models Rebels have held since 1993 in the top of uncomfortable shoes, but for the impossible ...

5. Armadillo Alexander McQueen


The latter created by the genius of fashion, and worn by Lady Gaga video in Bad Romance, decadent, grotesque and deformed high, shoes elevated to an art, as are, in another measure, ...

6. YSL Cage


A metal grid, very uncomfortable, which is stuck between your toes and reminds a cage in which the foot is torture, have only been seen on the red carpet, or as decorative items in the homes of some famous. And is it! Enough sore feet! Let's move on ....

7. Castañer espadrilles


! Finally Spanish footwear on the list! Prestigious names such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Armani have relied exclusively on their collections with models manufactured by Castañer Mallorcan footwear brand. Ideal for summer and very comfortable, but comfortable and flat, the ...

8. Two-tone Chanel


Inspired by the men's shoes, which had the tipto hide dark spots, Coco Chanel designed a model that shapes your leg, using the black-white game. But for color, I prefer the red soles of ....

9. Louboutin


Like many other success stories, the idea of ​​using red soles on their entire line of shoes quickly consolidated its brand identity. Currently goes to suits for these striking soles, for striking the soles of ...

10. Nicholas Kirkwood


Platform shoes that "scrape" the ground, heels, pretending to be full of wax ... shoes flashy, iconic, unique.

¿Echáis under some shoes here?

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