Thursday, July 28, 2011

And we continue with the baby-polemical way now covers

If we had discussion on whether it is lawful or not so young girls (and lower the end of the day) like Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld campaign staged a women's clothing fledged, today the fashion world goes d ela there with them. And the magazine has chosen Love Magazine and Chloe Moretz these to be the protagonists (each separately) covers the new number.

A total of three snapshots where the girls (yes to deny it, you could use another term but at his age should worry about other things) appear as an image of the Virgin is involved: pale, each with gowns (in form of lace dresses) and even tears!. Heavy Metal. Home of those that leave no one indifferent (at least I was amazed).

Shall I tell you the truth? It seems outrageous that using minors to sell more playing with the lewd and with what people say. How far can we go? Emilio would say no one living here, "a little please" ...


What's next? At this point I fear the worst ...


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