Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anya Summers, a young model who goes to top

Summers Anya Model

One of the joys I have is open daily on Google Reader and read the various websites that I have added, of which I am left with the news that brings the community of The Fashion Spot on new models. Faces are unknown today, but with features of future stars, at least many of them.

Yesterday I fell in love with Anya Summers. A young model who belongs to the Avant Models Agency, an agency located in Moscow with a staff of very high future promises. Among them Kharlapanova Yull, Masha Kirsanov, Sasha Luss and Lana Ross, to name some of the ones I liked and have already done some other work for fashion magazines.

Anya Summers

Anya Summers has signed recently by Avant Models, the June 7 statement on its website what.

Andy Summers look

Measuring an almost perfect (89-59-81) and those blue eyes that melt, Anya Summers shares a characteristic feature of a model is also very young that is winning these days: Bambi Northwood-Blyth .

Summers Anya eyebrows

Like the Australian, Anya Summers is quite populated eyebrows for your benefit only, has a more feminine face. Benefit because androgynous fashion must fall sooner or later.

Andy Summers posed

Andy Summers face

Hold well on camera, perched on the natural spread and has a physique that could make her performing in the best locations and time frame.

Andy Summers Elle Russia

By now we've seen in the Russian edition of Elle magazine as a photographer with Alexey Kolpakov. She played to be higher in a special editorial role of supplements.

Andy Summers smile

Will we see Anya Summers in a time when several leading sites?

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